12 hybrid cars you can buy in Singapore that will save your wallet
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Hybrid cars are known for their lower emissions as well as excellent fuel economy. However, not all of them are equal, here's the ones that you should buy.

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Apart from their higher initial costs, hybrid cars seem to offer an excellent value proposition - save the earth while saving your pockets. This makes them highly attractive to savvy drivers, and even more so for private-hire car drivers who reap the most benefits from improved fuel consumption. Additionally, unlike electric cars which needs to be charged, hybrid systems works seamlessly, providing benefits without any increased hassle!

Thus, hybrid cars should sit somewhere near the top of your shopping list when looking for a new car to buy. In terms of deciding which particular model to go for, here's a list of hybrid cars which costs lesser than $150,000 and offer fuel consumption that is better than 20km/L.

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2.5 Ascent

The eigth-generation Camry sports a curvy, edgy body as well as a lush and comfortable interior
Price: $124,000
Fuel consumption: 23.8km/L
Engine capacity: 2,487cc
Annual road tax: $1,784

Why you should buy one:
The eighth-generation Toyota Camry continues to be a perfect mid-size sedan. What's different this time round, is its curvy and edgy design. It also comes with a lush and comfortable interior. The hybrid version also enjoys an excellent fuel economy.

Toyota Noah Hybrid 1.8 X 7-Seater

Look at its size, can you believe it has better fuel economy than a Toyota Vios?
Price: $127,000
Fuel consumption: 23.8km/L
Engine capacity: 1,797cc
Annual road tax: $974

Why you should buy one:
Positioned to slot between the Sienta and the larger Alphard, the Noah is a mid-sized MPV with simple and elegant looks. Despite its large size that sits seven comfortably, the Noah enjoys a low fuel consumption that will put much smaller cars to shame.

Honda Vezel Hybrid 1.5

Being a hot favourite here, the Vezel also enjoys a huge aftermarket parts support!
Price: $99,000
Fuel consumption: 24.2km/L
Engine capacity: 1,496cc
Annual road tax: $682

Why you should buy one:
The Vezel fits the current trend of crossovers perfectly. With its simple yet sporty design, it is no wonder that they are one of the most popular cars on the roads here. From its status as the most popular car for private-hire use, the Vezel Hybrid proves to be a great value for money.

Honda Freed Hybrid 1.5 G 7-Seater

Despite its rather compact exterior, the Freed seats seven, while sipping on fuel!
Price: $106,000
Fuel consumption: 25km/L
Engine capacity: 1,496cc
Annual road tax: $682

Why you should buy one:
Need a seven seater that isn't an unwieldy behemoth? A small MPV such as the Honda Freed is just what you are looking for. With a 1.5-litre hybrid engine, not only do you get to enjoy an excellent fuel consumption of 24km/L, its annual road tax is a mere $682!

Honda Stepwagon Hybrid 2.0 G Spada 7-Seater Honda Sensing

Despite its towering presence, the Stepwagon manages an impressive 25km/L
Price: $142,000
Fuel consumption: 25km/L
Engine capacity: 1,993cc
Annual road tax: $1,204

Why you should buy one:
Want something bigger? Consider going for the Stepwagon Hybrid then. It is a mid-size MPV, don't let that terminology fool you, mid-sized MPVs are actually pretty big! Despite its size, the Stepwagon still manages an amazing 25km/L!

Kia Niro Hybrid

The Niro is a youthful hybrid crossover packed with fancy technologies such as a dual-clutch transmission
Fuel consumption: 25km/L
Engine capacity: 1,580cc
Annual road tax: $732

Why you should buy one:
The Kia Niro is a hybrid crossover that packs Kia's latest hybrid technology. Apart from its modern and sharp looks, it is also equipped with a dual-clutch transmission and ventilated front seats! Oh, Cycle and Carriage is also offering a 10-year battery warranty - peace of mind secured!

Prius C Hybrid

Unsurprisingly, a Prius, the poster child of hybrid cars makes it on the list
Price: $138,988
Fuel consumption: 25.6km/L
Engine capacity: 1,497cc
Annual road tax: $684

Why you should buy one:
The Prius C is a smaller sized hatchback variant of the Prius. Fitted with Toyota's tried and tested hybrid technology, it has excellent fuel consumption. Borneo Motors is also offering 10-year battery warranty for the Prius C, no battery woes!

Suzuki Swift Hybrid 1.2 RS

The good-looking Swift Hybrid packs hybrid technology to offer amazing value for buyers
Price: $87,000
Fuel consumption: 27.4km/L
Engine capacity: 1,242cc
Annual road tax: $534

Why you should buy one:
While this is no hot hatch like the Swift Sport, the Suzuki Swift Hybrid shares its good looks. Equipped with a puny 1.2-litre engine, road tax is an almost negligible $534. Additionally, with a tiny footprint, this cheerful little hatch sure is easy to drive.

Toyota Sienta 1.5X

The Sienta's curious design sets it apart from others, its excellent fuel consumption puts it on top
Price: $97,000
Fuel consumption: 27.2km/L
Engine capacity: 1,496cc
Annual road tax: $682

Why you should buy one:
The Sienta is an excellent choice for a small hybrid MPV. Despite its seemingly compact looks, it sports a spacious interior. To top it all off, it is a Toyota that is equipped with proven hybrid technology, producing great fuel economy while staying reliable and affordable to run.

Toyota C-HR Hybrid 1.8 S

The C-HR's striking design got many excited when it was first unveiled, does it tickles your fancy?
Price: $108,000
Fuel consumption: 30km/L
Engine capacity: 1,797cc
Annual road tax: $974

Why you should buy one:
Pitting against the Vezel as the hot favourite crossover here, is the Toyota C-HR. It has a one-of-a-kind striking design that you won't find elsewhere. Additionally, it also offers a comfortable ride.The Hybrid C-HR boasts an excellent fuel consumption of 30km/L!

Honda Shuttle Hybrid 1.5

The Shuttle is an excellent choice if you love the design of the Honda Fit/Jazz, but desire more space
Price: $93,000
Fuel consumption: 34.4km/L
Engine capacity: 1,496cc
Annual road tax: $682

Why you should buy one:
The Honda Shuttle is a smart-looking compact wagon, visually it is much like an elongated Honda Fit/Jazz. Its fuel consumption tops this list with 34.4km/L, coupled with a really low price, there's no reason to go for anything else if practicality is at the top of your considerations.

Honda Grace Hybrid 1.5 DX

A compact sedan with hybrid power, the Grace Hybrid manages an impressive 34.4km/L!
Price: $95,000
Fuel consumption: 34.4km/L
Engine capacity: 1,496cc
Annual road tax: $682

Why you should buy one:
The Honda Grace is basically the parallel imported counterpart of the popular Honda City compact sedan, as such its pleasing looks are familiar to most. Like the Honda Shuttle, the Grace hybrid also sips on fuel with an amazing fuel consumption of 34.4km/L. Its 1.5-litre engine also means that annual road tax is a breeze at $682.

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