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Still looking for a car this circuit breaker period? Here is all you will need to know to be a better shopper during and after this difficult time.

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Car sales are being clamped down on during this circuit breaker period but that does not mean that your car shopping escapades need to come to an abrupt end.

Here are all the things you need to know to continue car shopping safely during this circuit breaker period!

Can I purchase a brand new car?

Forget about heading down to the showrooms during this circuit breaker period
Unfortunately, no. With COE bidding exercises for the month of April suspended and motor vehicle dealerships and showrooms being forced to close during the circuit breaker period, those looking to replace their car during the circuit breaker period are out of luck.

You can of course, still browse through the options from both authorised dealers and parallel importers websites, and place orders if such services are provided.

Inchcape, for example, is still providing the option to make online purchases during this period, while there is also the option to reserve test drive appointments after the circuit breaker period, so those looking for their next Toyota, Lexus, or Suzuki can still make arrangements for their next car, with only a slight delay of course.

Do bear in mind that despite all these arrangements, getting your hands on an actual physical new car is going to have to wait until after the circuit breaker period.

Looking to buy a car only after the dust has settled? Here's what we think COE premiums will look like in the month of May!

So what can I do now?

Thankfully, since insurance and banking services are still available during the circuit breaker period, those that are looking for a second-hand car can still search for their ideal loan rates and insurance benefits!

Even though you may not be able to view cars, you can take this time to think about all the car accessories you will soon need 
Better yet, since you're already shopping for a second-hand car why not fill it up with the latest accessories and bring it back up-to-date with the latest connectivity and entertainment offers?

Or you could also look out for offers on car grooming equipment to bring your new-to-you car's paint back to a quality condition!

Take this time when you're trapped at home to check out our recommended car accessory stores, and figure out exactly what kit you will want to add to your next beloved ride!

How about a used car?

Second-hand showrooms are likewise being forced to close during this period
All pre-owned showrooms are also being forced to close during this circuit breaker period, so no, you will not be able to show up at a showroom and inspect the cars yourself, even at a second hand dealer.

But of course, the circuit breaker measeures do not stop you from shopping for potential pruchases online. Take this extra time you have at home to plan out your options thoroughly, and you might even come out of this circuit breaker period with a better car for your money.

But the virus may still be around after the circuit breaker!

Take care to ensure that you minimse your contact with the seller as much as possible, especially when viewing the car
That's right. Even if you avoid going to a showroom, you will still be coming into close contact with a stranger.

Our advice? Discuss as much as you possibly can over the phone or online now, and minimise your actual contact with the seller as far as possible when heading down to inspect the car when the circuit breaker period is over.

Do also try to resist the urge to bring the entire family down to view the car, as you will be putting more people at risk of a potential infect should even one of you be a carrier of the virus.

Additionally, you may wish to adopt some of the measures outlined here to ensure that you reduce your chances of getting infected when testing out your next car!

Can't bring your family to view a car but still desperate for a second opinion on things like bootspace and rear legroom? Why not look for your car on our extensive collection of reviews?

But what if I don't want the hassle and paperwork?

Shopping from a consignemnt dealer would eliminate the need to meet up with a complete stranger
Well, there will still is one other option open to you. That is, to shop from the online options offered by a consignment dealer.

Since consignment sales only operate on a by-appointment-only basis, you can still minimise the number of individuals you come into close contact with after this circuit breaker period.

The benefit of shopping from a consignment dealer is that you will not only get all the necessary paperwork done for you, but will also be able to request for simple paint touch up and replacement of simple worn parts.

But more relevant for those shopping after the circuit breaker period is the fact that you will retain the identity and contact information of the dealer's representative that you have come into contact with, as opposed to meeting a complete stranger when dealing privately with a seller, making contact tracing all the more easier.

If shopping from a consignment dealer sounds like a viable and safe option for you, check out our listing of cars available right here!

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