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Here are some must-have accessories to ensure your new car remains in tip top showroom condition!

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Have you recently bought a new car? Do you have a new car order in place, and waiting for your new baby to arrive?

You must be feeling both giddy with excitement, and also a little anxious. A car is an expensive purchase, and that of course makes it a little bit precious. Different people may have varying levels of preciousness about their cars, but there's no denying that there are certain simple things you can (and should) do to ensure your car remains in its best condition for as long as possible. 

1. Paint protection

Paint protection is a costly but valuable means of protecting your car
The first thing most people will be concerned with is the exterior look of the car. This is what is most immediately noticeable, but also the one aspect that is most subject to daily abuse. 

Many new car owners will opt for some form of paint protection. There are several options in the market, like paint protection film, wrap, or ceramic coating. All have the same fundamental purpose - to add a layer of protection to reduce damage to the paintwork. 

Looking for paint protection options? Check out these highly recommended shops! 

2. Solar film

Good solar film protects your eyes, as well as the car's interior surfaces
Having solar film on your car is not only good on your eyes, but it goes some way to protect the interior surfaces as well, by reducing the impact of direct sunlight and heat. 

A good solar film will also help to reject some of the heat generated by direct sunlight, and this in turn reduces the stress on the air-conditioning system. This helps to slightly reduce wear and tear, keeping your car's electrical system in pristine condition longer. 

3. Leather cleaner & conditioner

Cleaning and conditioning leather surfaces properly help to retain the shine and prevent cracking
Caring for your car's leather seats and interior surfaces helps to maintain the inherent water-resistant quality of leather, restore the shine, and make it less prone to cracking.

Before applying leather cleaner, you should vacuum and wipe down surfaces to remove any dirt. Then, apply a conditioner to keep the leather supple and protect it against harmful UV rays. You should clean and condition your leather surfaces at least once every three months.

Looking for car care products to keep your car fresh? Here are some shops that you should consider! 

4. Mini vacuum 

You can easily tuck away a mini vacuum in the glove box
Nowadays, there are USB-powered mini vacuums that make it easy to give your car a quick once over. It's useful for sweeping up small stones, crumbs or clumps of dust. And, because it's small, you can easily tuck it away inside the glove box or in one of the cubby holes in either door. 

Just about every new car will come with a USB port, so powering your vacuum is not going to be an issue. Alternatively, you can also use a portable power bank! 

5. Wet wipes

Having wet wipes on hand allows you to quickly wipe down surfaces when necessary
Yes, it might not seem like much, but having wet wipes on hand can be incredibly useful. It's great for wiping your hands before you get into the car after meals. Also, you never know when someone is going to accidentally spill his or her coffee.

And, it's not just for cleaning up accidental spillages or what not. Every once in a while, it is prudent to just wipe down some of the larger surfaces inside the car, such as the dashboard, door panels, and etc.

6. Car cover

Covering up your car might take some effort, but it's guaranteed protection from bird droppings
For the more paranoid or cautious drivers, you may be interested in buying a car cover. These are relatively affordable and easy to get, and covering up your car is certainly useful in protecting against things like the rain or bird droppings (especially if your carpark is uncovered). 

Yes, it might be a bit of a hassle to have to put it on and remove it every time you use the car, but it's probably worth the effort. 

7. Dash cam

In the case of an accident, dash cam footage will facilitate your insurance or warranty claim
A dash cam doesn't actually do anything to maintain the condition of your car. But (and it's a big but), in the case of an accident or some kind of damage to the car, having a dash cam to capture what happened can be crucial in allowing you to make the necessary insurance or warranty. 

Then, you can have your car restored back to its original, spanking brand new condition. 

Needing some security and peace of mind? Here are some dash cam merchants that'll have you covered.

These add-ons do not fundamentally change the way your car looks or operates. In fact, it's precisely because these are such out of sight, out of mind upgrades, that you should be getting them. 

Are there any other must have accessories that you think every new car owner must have? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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