These five brand new family sedans need to be on your shortlist
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Looking for a sedan to haul the family around? Stop scrolling and check out these five showroom-fresh examples that you have to consider. Trust us, there's bound to be one here that suits your needs.

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Shopping for the right car to buy can be quite a task, but if you are looking for a sedan to fetch your family and go about with your weekly errands, we have a few recommendations here!

We went through the family sedans available for sale and picked out five that will fit specific needs and requirements. Vital information for these family sedans, such as price, fuel cost and boot space has been included for easy reference. With each model suited for a particular type of driver, there's bound to be one that will meet your needs among these five!
The most affordable: Perodua Bezza

Despite its compact size, there's enough space within the Bezza to fetch your family in comfort
Price: $100,999
Depreciation: $10,999
Horsepower: 93bhp
Fuel Consumption: 21km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $7.24
Boot space: 508 litres

Why you should get one:
The Perodua Bezza is the smallest car in today's list. It is also the most affordable compact sedan that you can buy from the showroom today. While you won't find many bells and whistles within the Bezza, you'll find it surprisingly spacious when you step in, thanks to its tall roof line. There's also a sizeable boot space of 508 litres, which will come in handy on grocery trips.

Powered by a 1.3-litre four-cylinder engine, the Bezza manages to offer a more refined and quiet drive as compared to its popular counterpart that utilises a three-cylinder engine. The best part of all, it sips on fuel, offering even more savings in the long run.
The sporty choice: Skoda Octavia RS

The new Octavia RS loses the quirky four-eye look and still pack a ton of performance and boot space
Price: $209,900
Depreciation: $19,173
Horsepower: 241bhp
Fuel Consumption: 15.4km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $9.87
Boot space: 600 litres

Why you should get one:
The Octavia RS 245 was one of the best bang for buck you could get, making our list of cars with the cheapest horsepower back then. Today, the new Octavia RS is yet again an excellent proposition, offering great handling through corners and great performance, all in a sleeker and sharper-looking package.

As expected of Skoda cars, the Octavia RS is spacious and has a large boot space of 600 litres, offering plenty of practicality along with performance. While its current price tag is rather steep when compared against its predecessor, the Octavia RS still offer lots of value as a sporty family sedan.

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The futuristic drive: Tesla Model 3

No one really talks about it, but the Model 3 makes quite a great family car - it's spacious and theres a massive 649 litres of boot space
Price: $212,134 - $265,901 (COE $98,889)
Depreciation: $19,490 (Standard Range), $23,759 (Performance)
Horsepower: 321bhp (Standard Range), 506bhp (Performance)
Fuel Consumption: 6.9km/kWh (Standard Range), 6km/kWh (Performance)
Fuel Cost per 50km: $3.74 (Standard Range), $4.30 (Performance)
Boot space: 649 litres

Why you should get one:
Largely considered to be the brand spearheading autonomous driving and clean electric cars, Tesla cars are quite something, especially for those who absolutely have to stay at the forefront of technology. The Model 3 is different from normal cars in many ways. The default way to unlock one is by an app, and once you get inside, you'll hardly notice any buttons. There isn't even an instrument cluster sitting behind the steering wheel.

While some might find it a tad boring looking, the Model 3, with its futuristic and minimalist design, sure isn't. This is especially so if you opt for the Performance model that packs a supercar-matching 506bhp of electric power. Oh, and Tesla achieves all these feats while being one of the more affordable EVs around.
The safest choice: Toyota Corolla Altis

You can never go wrong with picking the practical and reliable Altis as your family's mode of transport
Price: $135,888 (Standard), $142,888 (Elegance)
Depreciation: $12,622 (Standard), $13,190 (Elegance)
Horsepower: 129bhp
Fuel Consumption: 15km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $10.13
Boot space: 470 litres

Why you should get one:
You won't go wrong with an Altis for a family car - the sheer number of these cars you see on the roads here is testament of that. Being a mid-sized sedan, the Altis is spacious enough to haul your family around for trips to the shopping mall in comfort. Couple that with its good fuel economy and Toyota's unbeatable reputation for reliability, and it sure is one of the safest choice that you can go with.

The current generation Altis also gets a sharp and sporty look along with an improved interior, making it a really sweet package. If you are willing to spend more, there is also a Hybrid variant that offers even better fuel economy and equipment.
The rising star: Hyundai Avante

The latest Avante blew everyone's mind - it looks like nothing was brought over from the previous generation!
Price: $120,299, $124,999 (S), $132,099 (Elite Sunroof)
Depreciation: $12,023, $12,303 (S), $12,848 (Elite Sunroof)
Horsepower: 121bhp
Fuel Consumption: 18.5km/L
Fuel Cost per 50km: $8.22
Boot space: 474 litres

Why you should get one:
Japanese cars used to dominate the family sedan market back in the late 90s and early 2000s, with Korean cars lagging behind as an even more economical option. These days, the Koreans have really improved leaps and bounds, offering cars that are well made and attractive. The Avante is one such model, in fact, if you were to compare it against its predecessors, you'll likely be amazed by the stark difference in design, interior and drive.

Today's Avante sports a futuristic design with plenty of sharp lines that you seldom see on other cars. The popularity of this new model is clear to see with plenty of them plying the roads shortly after they were launched.

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*Fuel cost based on SPC RON 95 at $3.04, charging cost based on SP Group DC 50 at $0.5162/kWh, accurate as of 29 March 2022. All car prices accurate as of time of writing

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