Does the rain clean your car, do you still need to wash your car after a rain and other related questions
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It's the rainy season! Does this mean that washing your car is a pointless activity? Will the rain clean or will it dirty your car? Read on to find out!

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Here's something that all car owners will agree on - the modern day equivalent of a rain dance, is to get your car washed. It doesn't even matter if you spent the whole afternoon under the hot sun washing your car with a pail, or if you paid the world’s greatest detailer to give your car a proper pampering, car wash equals to rain.

So, if the chances are that your car will be rained on (and dirtied) after a wash, the question is, should you still bother washing it in the first place? In fact, wouldn't the rain wash your car clean for you? Wonder no more, today we are going to explore this topic thoroughly.
This is why you should wash your car regularly

Washing and cleaning your car should be a routine affair - don't wait till it's revoltingly dirty!
Some drivers have the habit of washing their car only when it looks really dirty, while some treat it as a routine task and the car gets washed every so often.

Here's an analogy - do you wash your clothes at the end of the day, or would you only wash them only when you notice obvious stains? Well, the same logic should apply to your car - it should be washed regularly to maintain a certain level of cleanliness.

Dirt, debris, stains, bird droppings and other contaminants not only dull your car's look for the moment - if left untouched, these potentially corrosive deposits can eat away at your car's clear coat and paint, and result in permanent damage to the car's finishing.

By washing your car regularly, you not only keep it prim and proper, but also ensure contaminants never have the chance to cling on for long, thus avoiding damage to the paint work.
Can the rain clean your car for you?

Carrying the contaminants in the air, rainwater will do more to dirty your car than to clean it
Rain is mostly water, so a heavy downpour is as good as a car wash right?

Not exactly. Coming from someone whose home carpark leaves the car exposed to the elements, I can assure you that the car is never clean after even the heaviest rain you can imagine.

The reason that rain dirties your car, is due to all the dust particles, salt and other contaminants in the air. When rain falls, it carries these particles and land on your car’s surface.

When left to dry on the car, the water evaporates, leaving the insoluble and sometimes corrosive residue on your car's paint, resulting in those unsightly round marks known as water spots.

In severe cases, water spots are 'etched' into the paintwork and require professional detailers to remove using polishing compounds and buffing pads with the use of polishing machines. Quite a costly and time consuming affair!
So, do I need to wash my car even though it’s raining every day?

Don't let the rainy season break your routine - the car washes should go on!
By now, the answer should be pretty clear. Rain won't clean your car, and instead it makes your car even dirtier. If you have driven on wet roads, you would have noticed how the water spray from the tyres kicks up all the grime and dirt from the road surface onto your car.

To keep your car in pristine condition, you should make the effort to wash your car after driving in the rain.

There's also the fact that your car's interior, such as the carpet, will tend to get dirty easily as you would have trudged through puddles before getting into your car. During the rainy season, you should spend additional effort to ensure the cleanliness of the interior of your car to avoid attracting pests.

Of course, if it were to rain every single day, it might seem like a wasted effort, as your car will become dirty shortly after you've washed it. However, you need to understand that nothing is wasted. By doing so, contaminants won't have the chance to stay long enough to mar your car's paintwork.

So, don't avoid washing your car just because it is raining frequently. You should maintain your regular routine to keep it clean and shiny!

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