8 best car cameras for drivers in Singapore for 2023
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Start the new year 2023 right and get the maximum protection with eight of the best car cameras as reviewed by other drivers in Singapore.

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A car camera or dash cam is usually standard when you purchase a car. However, not all car cameras are good.

If you think about it, spending a bit of extra money is a no-brainer if it means maximum protection for your car (insurance claims, scams, theft etc.)

Unsure of which car camera to buy? The safest bet would be to trust what everyone else believes based on user reviews.
Sgcarmart Drivers Choice

Capture every moment of your daily commute in Full High Definition (FHD) with the HELLA DB500 1CH
The HELLA DR500 is a reliable and affordable car camera that records 30 frames per second (fps) without dropping a single frame.

The 3.0-inch LCD screen and a wide 140-degree viewing angle capture a broader view of the road, effectively reducing blind spots for maximum visibility.

It also has a trusty loop recording function that automatically deletes old files to record new ones. With a micro-SD card that supports up to 64GB of storage, you won't need to fret about storage issues anymore.

Distributed By: Amici Enterprise Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6971 1688
Website: www.amici-group.com/shop/
70mai Smart WiFi Dash Cam 1S 1CH

You can also manage some of the 70mai Smart WiFi Dash Cam settings via voice control, allowing you to have a safe drive.
The 70mai 1S Smart Dash Cam is an excellent choice as it is one of the most affordable options with WiFi connectivity for real-time viewing on its mobile app.

Its 130-degree ultra-wide angle means fewer blind spots, allowing you to record three whole lanes while driving. It also offers 1080p high-definition quality, even in the dark.

In emergencies, the 70mai Smart dashcam can automatically capture and save the whole scene so you can have clear evidence with easy access via the app.

This is one of the best dashcams under $60 for those on a tight budget.

Distributed By: Era International Network Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6970 7756
Website: Not Applicable
BlackVue DR590X 2CH
Sgcarmart Drivers Choice

Alternatively, you may upgrade to the DR750X-2CH, which is also a Full HD dash cam but will give you native 60fps recording
The BlackVue DR590X-2CH is a great dash cam because it blends performance and reliability into a sleek and stealthy unit.

It records FHD 1080p videos of the front and back of your car at 30fps, in a 139-degree wide view angle. Thanks to Sony STARVIS image sensors, Super Night Vision ensures image clarity in all light situations. 

If you are looking for recording at 60fps (for smoother footage), you may consider the DR590X-1CH (and not have a rear camera).

Distributed By: Wow! Gadgets Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6100 9691 / 8499 6533
Website: www.wowgadgets.com.sg
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BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE
Sgcarmart Drivers Choice

To activate, insert an active SIM card into the built-in nano-SIM card tray, and your dashcam will then connect to the Cloud automatically
The BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE is the first BlackVue camera with built-in 4G LTE connectivity. It sports a 2.1MP Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor like its predecessor, the DR750S-2CH. Want reliable, clear images in all sorts of light situations? The DR750 LTE is the perfect choice for you. 

Recording in 1080p Full HD video clarity at 60fps, users can utitlise its LTE connection function and get the most out of the BlackVue Cloud with parking incident push notifications, two-way voice communication and automatic Cloud backup. 

Distributed By: Wow! Gadgets Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6100 9691 / 8499 6533
Website: www.wowgadgets.com.sg 

Overall, the IROAD X11 is among very few devices with identical performance on both ends from the rear
The IROAD X11 2CH dashcam is equipped with SONY Starvis Sensors and a wide viewing angle of 155 degrees on each camera to record quality images throughout the day.

With its more-than-capable chipset, the Allwinner v536 can produce up to 1440P maximum video resolution, 512GB of microSD card support, external GPS module with the integration of ADAS function, WiFi and convenient smartphone app plus the software for PC (Windows & MAC OS), and compatibility with IROAD's OBD2 Scanner.

The GPS module is an external unit sold separately, but it comes as a highly recommended add on that you should get.

Distributed By: Corvit International Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6659 0141
Website: https://global.iroad.kr/?lang=sg
Marbella KR8S Pro 2CH

Drivers may choose to install a GPS logger to keep track of driving routines via the camera settings
The Marbella KR8S PRO Front+Back FHD offers full 1080p resolution with a wide dynamic range that enhances the overall contrast of the video for more detailed and vivid quality. It can also capture super-fast-moving scenes and provide clear recordings of collisions.

This dash cam will stop automatically when the temperature rises above 70 degrees Celsius or below -20 degrees Celsius. It also has a cooling system design that will let your camera stay cool even on the hottest days. 

The KR8S Pro can also perfectly capture license plates and road signs during the day and night so you can always have accurate video evidence.

Distributed By: Maka GPS Technologies
Contact number(s): 6276 0889
Website: http://sg.makagps.com/

It can take a massive 512GB Micro SD card which is triple the usual storage of most dashcams, minimising the risk of overwriting important files
The QVIA QR790 Dashcam has an extremely high operational temperature resistance of 80°C and an even higher storage temperature of 90°C. If you're looking for something sturdy, this is the choice.

It has a 1440P QHD + 5.5MP front camera video quality and 1080P FHD + 2.1MP rear camera resolution. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and an Enhanced Night Vision setting are standard on both front and rear models.

Another notable feature of this camera is the Pre-buffered Parking Mode that records both motion & impact detection. The motion detection areas and motion sensitivity around your car can be tailored, making the parking mode feature very adaptive. When in parking mode, the G-sensor impact sensitivity can also be easily tailored in the free QVIA software player, though the highest impact sensitivity is recommended. 

Distributed By: Tomo-CSE Autotrim Pte Ltd
Contact number(s): 6445 5777
Website: www.tomocse.com.sg
Thinkware Q1000 2CH

Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 makes pairing your smartphone to the mobile app a breeze - you can play back videos or adjust settings on the fly
The Q1000 is Thinkware's new line that can capture 2K QHD footage using its latest Super Night Vision 3.0 with HDR and Dewarping technology. 

Equipped with the 5.14MP Sony STARVIS IMX335 image sensor, the Q1000 records 2K QHD at 30FPS from both the front and rear cameras at a 156-degree field of view. Compatible with the Thinkware Connected service, this camera will send an SMS alert to you with footage to a pre-programmed mobile if the camera's G-sensor detects a significant impact. 

It has intelligent user accessibility at the forefront of its design with several improvements - Dual Band WiFi and built-in Bluetooth. With dual-band WiFi, your iOS or Android smartphone can connect to the camera via the 2.4 GHz or 5GHz bandwidth for faster file transfers.

Distributed By: ZMC Automotive
Contact number(s): 6555 3560
Website: www.zmc.com.sg
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