All advertisement posts are to adhere to the guidelines as listed below.

For Accessories, Feature, Description fields:

  1. Only text used for the purpose of describing the vehicle and its conditions of sale will be inserted.
  2. No listing of text not related to sale of vehicle. Eg (car available for lease or rent)
  3. No flaming of other vehicle models or sellers.
  4. No description of company/person or company/personal profile.
  5. No listing of additional vehicle sale information, eg (3 units available).
  6. No listing of all words in capital letters.
  7. No listing of contact details or address. That belongs in the contact information field.
  8. No listing of events/services.
  9. No listing of personal information.
  10. No listing of URL.
  11. No shorthand of text. Eg (rd tax, yr, etc)
  12. Proper punctuation must be used.

For Price field:

  1. Price stated must be accurate and be inclusive of prevailing GST and comprises of COE.

For Model name field:

  1. The model name used will have to match that as reflected in the LTA records.
  2. The model name used will strictly follow the naming convention as used by Sgcarmart.

For Pictures:

  1. Only pictures of the vehicle for sale will be accepted.
  2. The 1st picture must be showing a full exterior view of the vehicle.
  3. Only original actual pictures of the vehicle for sale will be accepted.
  4. No digital photo edits are to be done to the submitted pictures.
  5. No insertion of text/number/URL is to be done to the submitted pictures.
  6. There should be no people/person posing with the vehicle in the submitted pictures.
  7. Carplate can only be covered with company plate and a photo showing the car together with the car plate number must be submitted as well. (for dealers only)
  8. Company plate can only display company name or company logo or a mixture of both. (for dealers only)
  9. Picture submitted must not be unclear.
  10. Picture dimension must not be less than 600x450.
  11. There must be at least one picture showing the frontal view of the vehicle with more than 90% of the vehicle visible and unblocked. (for dealers only)
  12. Pictures submitted must not display any paper or signboard in, on or around the vehicle.
  13. Picture must not show overseas vehicle with a foreign carplate.
  14. Pictures submitted must not be copy-righted.
  15. Pictures submitted should not be shot in a manner such that the base of the camera is not parallel or perpendicular to the ground at the point of shooting.
  16. Pictures submitted should not be such that the vehicle constitutes less than 70% of the area of the picture.

For Seller information field:

  1. Listing of seller information is a must.
  2. The listing of contact person is restricted to a maximum of 4.
  3. If the office number is already listed in the contact information, it should not be repeated. (for dealers only)
  4. Only Valid Person's name and handphone number is allowed under the contact person and contact number field.