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spacer Brand Castrol
spacer Category Repair & MaintenanceEngine Oil
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Rated by 4 consumers ( Read )  
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$15 for brand new item
Servicing packages using Castrol EDGE 5W40 SN available from $98
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Car Servicing using Castrol Titanium FST  
After I change my oil to Castrol, the whole car seems smooth. Maybe it the effect that I change after 10k. I was using Amsoil previously but after I changed oil after 10k it did not go that smooth as this. Ma...
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Reliable engine oil  
My previous oil used was Motul 300v 5W30. I had wanted to use Castrol 5W30 but the mechanic poured in 5W40 instead. Engine noise is low. Compared it with 300v. Fuel efficiency is almost the same. Till no...
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Another very good oil  
I tried it before and I may go back to it again. My engine just runs very well with this oil. Quiet, smooth and never had any problems with the engine oil drying up/evaporating.
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Good and smooth EO for my K20A engine. Remember to buy the Titanium version, it is better than the normal Castrol Edge.
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Castrol EDGE 5W-40 SN Vehicle Servicing
Condition: New Item
Castrol EDGE 5W-40 SN Vehicle Servicing
Condition: New Item
Castrol EDGE 5W40 SN Engine Oil
Condition: New Item
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