Bridgestone Alenza 001

Made in Japan


Complement your SUV with ALENZA to bring out the best in your dynamic driving experience. It is exclusively engineered for SUVs to maximise the handling performance potential on both wet and dry roads during city driving with confidence and comfort. No matter the journey, ALENZA is designed for power and pleasure.


  • Superior comfort
  • Good handling and braking performance
  • Long wear life



Tyre Sizes

215/55R18 XL 099V 
215/60R17 96H 
215/65R16 98H 
225/55R18 98V 
225/55R19 99V 
225/60R17 099V 
225/60R18 100H 
225/65R17 102H 
225/65R17 102H 
235/45R19 XL 99W 
235/50R18 097V 
235/50R19 99V 
235/50R21 101W 
235/55R18 XL 104V 
235/55R19 101V 
235/55R19 101W 
235/55R20 102V 
235/60R18 103W 
235/65R17 XL 108V 
235/65R18 106V 
245/45R19 XL 102V 
245/45R20 099V 
245/45R20 XL* 103W 
245/50R19 XL* 105W 
245/50R20 102V 
255/40R20 XL 101W 
255/45R19 100V 
255/45R20 101W 
255/50R19 XL 107Y 
255/50R20 XL 109V 
255/50R21 XL* 109Y 
255/55R18 XL 109Y 
255/55R19 XL 111W 
255/55R20 XL 110Y 
255/60R18 XL 112V 
265/35R22 XL 102W 
265/45R20 104Y 
265/45R21 104W 
265/50R19 XL 110Y 
265/60R18 110V 
275/40R20 XL 106Y 
275/40R20 XL* 106W 
275/40R22 XL* 107Y 
275/45R20 XL 110Y 
275/50R20 109W 
275/50R22 111H 
285/35R22 XL 106W 
285/45R19 XL 111W 
285/45R22 110H 
285/50R20 112V 
285/65R17 116V 
295/35R21 XL 107Y 
295/40R20 XL 110Y 
295/45R20 XL 114W

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