Bridgestone Turanza T005A (2022)

Made in ASEAN

TURANZA T005A delivers greater comfort, superior quietness and assured safety for both short and long-distance journeys. Designed with Bridgestone's advanced technologies, T005A enables a safer, smoother and seamless drive to support how individuals and communities move, live and play.

Tyre Sizes

215/45R17 XL 91W 
215/45R18 89W 
215/50R17 91W 
215/50R17 091W 
215/50R18 092V 
215/55R17 094W 
215/55R17 094W 
215/60R17 096H 
225/40R18 088W 
225/45R17 091W 
225/45R18 091W 
225/45R19 092W 
225/50R17 094W 
225/55R17 097V 
225/55R17 097W 
235/45R18 094W 
235/45R18 094Y 
235/45R18 XL 098W 
235/50R18 XL 101W 
245/40R18 093W 
245/45R19 098W 
255/45R18 XL 103W 
255/45R19 100W 
265/35R18 93W 
275/40R19 101W 
275/45R18 103W 

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