MatraX Camarga

Made in ASEAN
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The Camarga is an ultra high performance tyre with excellent road grip while delivering a quiet and comfortable ride.


  • Excellent cornering performance delivered by asymmetric patternblocks inside and outside, both ensuring drainage, while the outsidewide pattern increase ground pressure while turning.
  • The central pattern rib is continuous, ensuring the stable handling performance of the tyre at high speed and in straight line.
  • Four wide drainage longitudinal grooves evacuate water efficiently under wet road conditions to prevent aquaplaning.

Tyre Sizes

195/55R16 87V
225/55R16 99W
225/60R16 98V
215/55ZR16 97W
205/55ZR16 91W
215/60R16 95H
205/65R16 95H
235/60R16 100H
205/60R16 92V
205/50ZR16 87W
215/55ZR17 98W
205/45ZR17 88W
215/45ZR17 91W
205/40ZR17 84W
215/50ZR17 95W
205/50ZR17 93W
245/45ZR17 99W
235/45ZR17 97W
225/45ZR17 94W
225/50ZR17 98W
225/55ZR17 101W
235/55ZR17 103W
245/45ZR18 100W
225/45ZR18 95W
235/45ZR18 98W
215/40ZR18 89W
225/40ZR18 92W
245/40ZR18 97W
235/40ZR18 95W
255/35ZR18 94W
235/50ZR18 101W
235/40ZR19 96W
225/40ZR19 93W
235/55ZR19 91W
245/45ZR20 103W
245/40ZR20 99W
255/35ZR20 97W
245/35ZR20 95W
285/50ZR20 95W
285/50ZR20 112V
275/40ZR20 106W
275/30ZR20 97W
235/55ZR20 92W
275/45ZR20 110V
275/35ZR20 102Y

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