Pirelli P Zero (2022)

Made in Europe

Enhancing handling performance for sport driving. Excellent braking and traction also at high speed.


Three solid central ribs: improved braking and traction also at high Speed
Outer shoulder with large rigid blocks: enhanced handling performance for sport driving
S-shape tread design: safety under critical braking conditions, on the straight and through corners
Three wide longitudinal grooves: improved safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations


Tyre Sizes

225/45R17 94Y
245/50R18 100Y
275/45R18 103Y
255/35R18 90Y
245/50R18 100W
245/45R18 100Y
265/40R18 101Y
235/55R18 104Y
285/35R18 97Y
255/45R18 99Y
255/55R18 109V
255/40R18 99Y
255/35R18 94Y
225/40R18 92Y
245/35R18 92Y
235/40R18 95Y
245/40R18 97Y
265/35R18 97Y
245/40R19 94Y
275/35R19 96Y
235/35R19 87Y
235/35R19 91Y
265/35R19 94Y
265/50R19 110Y
255/45R19 100Y
285/40R19 103Y
245/45R19 98Y
275/45R19 98Y
275/40R19 101Y
245/45R19 94Y
285/35R19 103Y
265/35R19 98Y
255/35R19 96Y
255/40R19 100Y
255/45R19 104Y
225/35R19 88Y
275/40R19 105Y
285/30R19 98Y
245/45R19 102Y
255/50R19 107W
295/30R19 100Y
305/30R19 102Y
245/40R19 98Y
235/35R20 88Y
245/20R20 91Y
265/35R20 95Y
275/35R20 102Y
245/40R20 99Y
275/40R20 106Y
295/30R20 101Y
255/35R20 97Y
255/40R20 101W
255/40R20 101Y
335/30R20 104Y
315/35R20 110Y
295/35R20 105Y
305/30R20 103Y
245/35R20 95Y
285/30R20 99Y
275/35R20 105Z
265/35R20 101Y
265/35R20 99Y
285/35R21 105Y
285/30R21 100Y
275/30R21 98Y
325/35R21 108Y
295/35R21 107Y
295/40R21 111Y
275/35R21 103Y
265/40R21 105Y

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