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22 Feb 2021
Car Review - BMW 3 Series Sedan 318i Sport (A)
Blessed with ample equipment, dynamic handling and a capable drivetrain, the entry model 3 Series is an easy choice for buyers.
Desmond Chan | 28,581 views | BMW Reviews

16 Sep 2015
Facelift - BMW 3 Series Sedan 318i Sport (A)
BMW replaces the 1.6-litre four-cylinder 316i with its latest 3 Series Sedan 318i Sport that is decorated with a few distinctive features on the outside and powered by a new heart.
Text by Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 57,844 views | BMW Reviews

27 Nov 2009
Car Review - BMW 318i (A)
No matter the number of times you say you aren’t attentive to status symbols and their implications, we know better.
Text and photos by Jegan Das Haridas | 67,015 views | BMW Reviews

23 Jan 2009
Review - BMW 3 Series
It began when BMW coined a replacement for its 2002 coupe. An important car in so many aspects, it summed up and defined the fact that the 3 Series was, and still is the very car of which all other sm...
Story by Amery Reuben | 43,687 views | BMW Reviews

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