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(launched 2015, facelifted Jan-2018)

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2.5i-S Eyesight (A)
$132,800 spacer Up
$12,200 /yr 13.7km/L 173bhp Lineartronic CVT (A)
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Price updated 21-Feb-2020

Subaru Outback
4 stars - based on 12 reviews
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Car Review - Subaru Outback 2.5i-S (A)
15 Apr 2015  |  Subaru Reviews
Subaru's new Outback crossover is suitably sized for the family, with a cavernous boot to fulfil any lifestyle need.

The Subaru Outback was facelifted on Jan 2018. Read more

A all-rounder family crossover with slig...  
Owning outback 2018 for slightly more than a year. So share some of my views on this ride. The engine is the same as last generation outback, a 2.5L NA. So performance wise should be the same. What is new on this car is memory seat, eye sight, upgrade console supporting car play. Some car mag also highlighted some CVT optimization, which I have no idea. Power wise, decent but definitely can't outrun a turbo charged hot-hatch. In sport mode, and a heavy right foot however, I can do overtaking with ease, thanks for the good handling. It has permanent 4WD, so I can corner with high speed if I ignore the comfort level of the back-seat passengers. (normally, I will get an earful from Mrs if I do that). During one of the trips to the north, we encountered pouring rain. But the car performed very well. I could still drive at 80km/hr without worrying about aquaplaning. I think it must be the 4WD helping to plant the car on the ground. The car is very roomy, and high ground clearance than normal sedan. It is comfortable to sit in. With high ground clearance also means I can drive through puddle of water where sedans have to park at the side and wait. It comes with eye-sight, which packs with all the high tech features like lane departure warning, collision prevention, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruising. They are useful but I can also turn them off if I want. Other features like electric tail gate and harman kardon speakers.
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A car for all purpose (pre-eyesight vers...  
My first Subaru was a 2005 Forester and I have grown to like Subaru's AWD system. I owned an Outback since 2016 and enjoyed the car ever since. The exterior styling was striking with strong lines and stance. The interior is typical Subaru and could use a little updating especially with the headunit that came without Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Space in the Outback is aplenty with a carnivorous boot, you will never run out of space. WIth the 2nd row seats folded down, you can easily fit a whole road or mountain bike in it with the wheels attached. There will still be space left over for many other things. The 2.5L Boxer never failed to perform, chugging out torque when you need it. You could tell the difference between driving a 1.4L or 1.8L turbo engine vs a 2 or 2.5L engine. The CVT is smooth and linear giving a very comfortable drive behind the wheel. Sure the fuel consumption can't be compared to a smaller engine car but one should expect that when considering a Subaru. I averaged 450km per 40L of petrol with 50% Highway. The AWD system like all subbies allow the Outback to be solidly planted to the road. I am always confident behind the wheel whether the road is dry or wet. In summary, the Outback is a great family hauler with distinct Subaru characteristics. I only wish the the infotainment system is more modern.
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