Audi Q3 Sportback

Audi Q3 Sportback

The stunning Audi Q3 range has just been restocked, with limited units available. Book now before it sells out again.

Consumer Car Reviews

Had been driving it for the last 5 months, and decided to write a short review about the car. This is not a usual family car with 300bhp & 400Nm under the bonnet, you can reach the highway speed and cruise leisurely in about 5.2sec. My average fuel consumption is around 10km/l with 80% Highway driving. And with Dynamic Chassis Control, you can select COMFORT when ferrying the family or CUPRA mode when want more stability and "G-force" During acceleration. Interior is ok, not as fanciful as compared to the Benz, but it still packs with most of the modern features like Dual Zone climate control, Apple Carplay / Andriod Auto, Audi-like Virtual Cockpit, Navigation (which I hardly use, as prefer Waze), Leather seats, rear aircon vent. Only complaint is the use of too many hard plastic in the cockpit, don't have felt lining in door pockets, like in the VWs, ratteling of my IU device after 3 months of ownership. I like the Emergency Auto Braking, and Reverse E-brake assist. Save me in a few near misses. The Adaptive Crusie Control is something I always use in a slow moving traffic during peak hours in the morning commute to work. What is missing is a lane departure warning, and steering assist. Cabin size is spacious, windows are big, and rear windows can wind down fully if needed. A/C able to cool down the car in no time even after parking under the hot sun for many hours. Boot space is a bit lacking compare to my station wagon I was driving previously, If you need boot space, wait for the Cupra Leon ST. Overall, my family likes the comfort of the car over my previous Japanese Wagon, and I love the acceleration as well as the stable platform that gives me confident in navigating the Singapore roads and traffic. And the best part is, many people will ask you "What car is this? Never see this car on Singapore Road before..."

I contributed a review when I got my CLA200. Recently, I received my C180. The C180 is obviously more spacious and provides a more comfortable ride. With the new digital dashboard, it makes the car "Futuristic" And yet traditional because of the central console still works on the buttons. Personally, I prefer the buttons than tablet. The C180 has the same power as CLA200, with its bigger size, it make the C180 less responsive. All in all, I am very happy with the C180.

This is my 3rd Toyota Hybrid. Once again, it has proven to be practical for busy family man who does not have time for breakdowns and mechanical surprises. It has superior fuel efficiency that many competitors hybrid are not able to come close. The car is engineered for ultimate fuel efficiency, if you are looking for something fast this car may not be suitable - Consider Cupra Ateca? The vehicle is able to cruise comfortably 0 to ~76km/h in EV mode. No learning of any hyper-milling technique is required. Drive as it should, your reward is everytime you visit the pump station with the amazing fuel economy. Who cares about fuel hike when driving a Toyota Hybrid? 2nd row has 3 independently adjustable seats that fit 3 adults easily. 3rd row is 50/50 foldable for occasion weekend family outing All seats have thick cushion, they are supportive, reclinable and good for long distance ride.
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