Bentley Flying Spur F1 Auto Edition

Bentley Flying Spur F1 Auto Edition

The LATEST Flying Spur. The perfect marriage of Class, Elegance and Superiority.

Consumer Car Reviews

Its my first review in car forum. Not new to driving and certainly not new to cars. Outback is my 6th car over the last 20 years of driving. Been driving it for 2 years now and decided to give an honest review about this car. Mine is the 2016 model. Suspension setup determines the comfort level when a car is moving. Outback shines in this area and comes with heaps of features. If you switch these features to auto, you can simply start the car and drive off whether it is day or night. Next is the reliability of this car. A 2.5 NA car will go a long way before it fails you. If you are concerned about FC, then you should not look at cars beyond 2L in general. This is just my experience with cars. Now Outback is a SUV afterall. Its balanced power and weight remind you the reason why you buy a SUV. Cornering ability and acceleration are not in the DNA of a SUV. I will be happy to drive in comfort and even let motorcycles overtake me. This is my mindset when I bought the Outback. I do not think I will drive it until the end of its COE but I think I will remember this car as a good family car with happy kids no matter where the destination is. Interior wise, it is solid build and almost everything is black in colour. Something I like actually. Finally, if any subaru fan or staff at MI reading this. CVT in particular 2nd to 3rd gear ratio can be shortened to reduce whine/drone for Outback. Its not a TC car.

ViewEd once and placed deposit immediately. From price point itself, it's not the cheapest option in the market, as my price point was based on 7 seaters option such as Previa and Odyssey, after all the promotions and freebies offered, the price is comparable and worth to reconsider between SUV and 7-seater. 7-seater is passenger's car (wifey happy) SUV is driver's car (Hubby happy) Hope this helps.

The car looks sleek and handles well. Pick up is nifty but like any convertible the suspension is hard and low. Beware of humps. Cost or repairs start to mount after 100,000 km. Engine mountings, oil and water pumps, gearbox overhaul, plugs and coils replacements and finally at 133,000 km the engine needed to be overhaul. Checked with the mechanic and he said that its a quite common for Audi engines to have worn piston rings at 133,000 km.
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