Honda Vezel Hybrid 2021 Speedo Motoring Edition

Honda Vezel Hybrid 2021 Speedo Motoring Edition

Available ready stocks with VAC ready! Able to provide chassis number upon booking. New shipment just arrived!

Consumer Car Reviews

What i like: Overall very premium Sound system not bad on elegance Overall driving feels is good Love the interior design and exterior design Good for 1st time new car buyer What i don like: Lack of power Brake still have room to improve

Been driving the new hybrid 1.2 swift for 4 months. Very easy to handle and suitable for first time drivers. The small size makes it easy to parallel park and have a small turning radius. Engine start/stop implemented very brilliantly. Engine cuts off discreetly during braking so that it's already off before car comes to complete stop and it is started up by ISG silently, without the irritating engine sputtering noise like some other conti cars. Very surprised that it comes with many modern safety features as standard, such as ADAS and 6 airbags. Collision avoidance will sound warning when it detects potential danger of crash and auto kick in to e-brake when crash is imminent. E-brake happened when I was too near the carpark barrier gantry and the car immediately braked on my behalf. Will be great if it comes with blind spot monitoring which some countries bundled in. Another useful feature is the auto headlights which turns on by itself when the sensor detects insufficient light. It also turns on automatically in low light indoor situation like carpark or underpass. Adaptive cruise control is very easy to use. Basically you just set a speed limit, car distance and just let the car follow behind another car. It will automatically adjust speed to keep distance and all you need to do is to steer and guard the brake pedal. The ISG assists with acceleration and at low speed it is pretty good, get instant power with light pedal work which made me almost forgot that it's a CVT transmission.

Previous honda fit owner... Moving to the ibiza here is a world of difference! Probably the most affordable 'continental' car in Singapore right now. The DSG mated with the 1.0 turbo engine is very perky and engaging to drive, the steering is light but accurate, making daily drive around singapore super enjoyable. The sound insulation is good, sound system is also powerful. Comes packed with features like: auto headlights rain sensing wipers adaptive cruise control Front collision avoidance Front and rear parking sensors TPMS Android Auto/Apple car play Dual zone climate control electronic dimming rear mirrors So coming from an PI honda fit which is spartan to this Seat Ibiza has been such a huge change of experience from me. The 1 litre engine also means road tax is cheap. Interior design is also very minimalist and also have a lasting modern look. Buttons have a good feel to it. Very decent rear passenger space for a car of this size as well, slightly smaller then the honda fit but much bigger then the mazda 2. Sister car on same chasis, the VW Polo seems to be generally priced around 10k higher with lesser features, so if you are not big on the brand.. Seat is definitely a more value for money option!
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