Audi Q3

Audi Q3

The ever-popular Audi Q3 is quickly running out. Book now from $159,999, before it's gone for good. Visit or Audi Centre Singapore today.

Consumer Car Reviews

Went by PML to catch a glimpse of the new 4 series, where there are 2 variants, 420 and 430 where all bases are same except the 430 comes with sunroof, M Sports package (lights, sound, labels, etc.), M Sport Brakes, 19 inches, tuned up engine and Adaptive M Suspension with additional price tag too. First looks, smaller and curvy signature kidney grills that is a newer look. Slicker to the back means better wind speeds when at fast drive too. Interior, comes with the standard BMW interior which has button controls on lights than the conventional earlier knobs. Features wise, to my surprise, the speed alert comes in dual form, so you set first at 80kmh and second at 90kmh. Other than that, comes with lane departure, lane change warning with steering intervention and also the usual front assist with blind spot assist too. Drive feel was GREAT as the pickup was excellent and gear shifts were unheard too (Comfort mode) and agile handling. When engage to SPORTs mode, the agility was even better with stiffer steering for a more sturdy handling too. Swivering around was of no body roll as well. Back into the showroom, tried the fully AUTO parking where there is no need any driver intervention (YES, not even the need to change gear from D to R to D and the pedals). Simply press the mode, let it alert you with their wide 360 sensors and once found, press screen to commence parking then leave the rest to the car will do. Once done, it even engages parking brake for you and shifts gear to P mode. EXCELLENT indeed. I got to know that it can do reverse even if both sides are empty lots too, whereas current ones in some makes need to have either 2 cars side or no pillar kind. Overall, the 4 series is a featuristic car that comes with great drive, pickup and many excellent features. If you are looking for a 2 seater, 2nd car or only you use car, do get this then.

Been driving a stock 520i for a few years already, and have friends that also own it. They can zhng until quite nice (lowered ride height, loud exhaust, bodykit, M sticker). Overall, provides a really smooth ride with decent handling, but not really reliable considering it is a BMW. Sports mode is very responsive and fun, comfort mode is pretty smooth and eco mode just turns the dashboard into a cool blue colour, doesn't really feel like it's doing anything much. Sound system is good. Had a few problems over the year with the auto start/stop engine function, where if you leave it active sometimes the engine will just stall when moving off from stop light. Better not to have the feature at all. Interior isn't very suitable for Singapore weather, rubber components melt easily and become sticky and gross. One time drivetrain busted while accelerating gently to 90km/h while trying to overtake. Predecessor gave less issues. Hate the UI too, have to take eyes and significant focus off the road if want to operate the infotainment system

Been driving this for a few months now. The attention to detail on this compact suv is amazing. Love everything about this. Feels lux and has the Lexus reliability. Perfect for Singapore urban driving. Drive to work, shuffle the kids around and weekend runs. Loving this car...
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