Audi A3 Sedan

Audi A3 Sedan

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Consumer Car Reviews

Got a 6 Seater, Owned this car for 4 months, it is an excellent Driver's Car. Smooth, quiet and steady. Car looks beautiful especially at night

Having test driven the Opel Astra on 23/02/2021, I've had an eye-opening experience. The CVT Gearbox which Opel calls "Stepless" Does shift at red line, as well as provide seamless acceleration. The gearbox itself uses a chain belt compared to steel belts found on Nissan's X-Tronic CVT, Toyota's or even Honda's. No slip is felt when flooring the car. The car itself feels light and nimble on its feet, especially for a car this heavy and with a "Sluggish" And poor power efficiency gearbox. Acceleration from a standing start is very good, 0-100km/h is actually a whole 1.5 seconds faster than it is on paper. Overtaking and speed pick up is very prominent, though the engine drone is to be expected while driving this with a CVT. Even while erratically driving, my fiancee can fall asleep in the back, which proves that the ride quality is very much superior to that of a SEAT Leon. Interior quality feels cheap, plasticky, but that is to be expected. Especially in this challenging time, plasticky interiors are good as cleaning and sterilising the inside of this car is much more easier compared to soft-touch. Rear Aircon is non-existent, and provided with leather seats, it is very hot especially in the rear. Parking brake is electronic, but doesn't have auto-hold. The Autonomous parking feature is a good-to-have feature if you are not confident in parallel parking.

With the new generation released, dealers might be offering tempting prices and deals to clear stock. I had this car for just over a year, and comparing it with the other hatchbacks I owned previously, it is below average. The biggest drawback is the poor noise insulation. While noise insulation is not ideal in this class, the Fit has such bad insulation that any road surface besides the newly laid ones will give you a headache or drained you mentally at the very least after a long drive. This is also not helped that the rear suspension is stiff, giving rear riders a rough ride. On hot days, it is made even worse by the poor heat insulation as the car heats up fast. Turning up the air-con barely helps lower the temperature, instead only adding more noise in the cabin with the higher fan speed. I averaged about 24km/litre in this hybrid engine, a decent figure. However, precise weight on the foot pedal is required to maintain at electric mode; Pedal is sensitive and the slightest force will switch it back to petrol. This can be quite tiring on your legs. I was also not impressed with the jerky hybrid system when switching between electric and petrol modes. I have driven Toyota hybrids and the transition is almost undetectable. In my opinion, the Fit Hybrid has a nice concept, but executed poorly. There are things that I like: clear view out, good ride height, suitable for seniors to get in and out. I am most impressed with the rear seat and boot space. I would recommend getting the 1.5F version if you definitely have to get this car, as it has the magic seats, which I feel is the only main selling point. I got the 1.5(A), a stripped down version with no magic seats. It was a bad decision because with all the flaws mentioned, some practicality could have helped balance the playing field. In summary, if you are looking for a mini hatch with good fuel economy and practicality, the Fit Hybrid is definitely the car for you, but I'm referring to the new generation. I heard it is a big improvement. The small amount you save is not worth the comfort you will lose out in this car. However, if bootspace is not the main priority, there are many similar priced cars on the market, and I would highly suggest you to give those cars a try instead.
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