Honda Fit Trust Motoring Edition

Honda Fit Trust Motoring Edition

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My third car but first turbo car. Had drove for slightly more than a year. Pick -up was quite good for a 1 litre car due to it turbo. Normally a 1 litre non-turbo auto car will be quite lack in pick-up. Turbo is really nice, it make your car very sporty like a 1.5 to 1.8 NA. This car pick-up is equilvalant to a manual car. My first car is a 1.1 litre NA manual. I personally had tested up to 175km/hr in Malaysia road, not fully step down yet. Had also drove this car all the way to Pattaya in Thailand and returned successfully without a problem. Compact and speedy pick-up is good in this car if you are not into luxury or huge space. I do not like bulky car such as SUV, crossover etc. Compact hatchback have that kind of sporty look if you did the right mod.

Test drove this car with no expectations, since it's SEAT. Was driving a Japanese SUV prior to this, and fell in love with the quiet, comfort and engine performance. Owned it for 3 weeks already, and it performs extremely well for it's size

What more can you expect with so many safety features, all wheel drive and boxer engine for a Low price of 82k for the gt edition?Even Conti cars have no such features and ex too!
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