Honda Shuttle Hybrid Vin's Auto Edition

Honda Shuttle Hybrid Vin's Auto Edition

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Driving this car for over a year. Kids chose this car over camry as it has 2 sliding doors. Nice family car for 6 people. With the 3rd row down, I can fit 2 foldable bikes. Car is heavy and moves slow on slopes. Slow starter but once it reaches high speed it's ok. Steering is light. I used to drive Nissan and Mazda. Do not get this car if you want torque. It will get u from pt A to B. Nothing fanciful. Gets the job done.

What to says? At this price range it has Bose system… again? A Bose system…. Where else can u get?

Have always had a soft spot for Superb despite never liking any sedan. So when opportunity presented itself, i traded in my beloved Stepwagon to this ride with frankly some trepedition. But surprisingly the transition has been easy, with improvements observed in almost every aspect except when parking. Space is definitely the key word, and the humongous second row and boot is really a joy to have. The engine is another winner as it allows acceleration and overtaking effortlessly, 7.7sec century sprint leh. Yet it sips petrol and returning about 13km/L so far despite my spirited drive. It also looks good and full of functional and safety feature.
First Drive - Bentley S1 Continental Flying Spur (A) Highlight

Bentley S1 Continental Flying Spur is pure gold

Our Editor went to the United States to have an experience of a lifetime with an old car. And, boy, did he walk away humbled and a...
Car Review - BMW iX Electric xDrive40 Sport 76.6 kWh (A) Highlight

BMW iX gives a glimpse of the future of motoring

Following the i3 and the iX3, the BMW iX is the third full electric vehicle from the Bavarian marque. Is it any good?
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