Toyota Sienta Venture Cars Edition

Toyota Sienta Venture Cars Edition

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Consumer Car Reviews

Having owned the Harrier Turbo for seven months, I feel that it is the right time to give a review of the car from a user's point of view. It is a very competent car - powerful, spacious, easy to handle and with a decently premium feel to it. I was drawn to the car because of its 8AR-FTS engine, which it shares with the Lexus NX. It is a twin-scroll turbo, reputed to provide a smooth swell of pulling power without turbo lag. Having driven a turbo-charged SUV before the Harrier, I totally agree that turbo lag is the most irritating feeling to have when a car is picking up. This is totally absent in the Harrier - or at least you don't feel it at all. Under normal driving conditions, the normal driving mode is more than adequate to pull the 1.7 tonne SUV along. When push comes to shove, the Sports mode does a fantastic job in overtaking or merging into the expressway lanes. The Harrier is big and comfortable. Japanese built quality all-around without the heavy teutonic feel of German marques. Piloting it is quite hassle free. The only complaint is that being a fairly tall SUV, it suffers from a little body roll when cornering. The steering is well-weighted and responsive. Driving controls are well-placed at where they should be. The cabin is well insulated from the hum of normal traffic. Perhaps I am rather heavy with my right foot, or because I drive in almost 100% City conditions, average consumption is about 10 km/litre. Not too impressive when compared to its claimed consumption figures. Maintenance and reliability wise - it's a Toyota, so I would expect it to last. What remains to be seen is its running cost when the 50k free servicing and 5 year warranty are up.

I have a 5 year old Sorento. Was great for the first 4 years. Now it is in the service center every 2months. Yes every 2 months. Right now it is with CnC and they have said it will take 3 weeks to fix with no car replacement as they have to import a part. I bought a Kia because I thought it was reliable and easy to fix. My car is out for one month..... Very costly.

Bought the car recently. I was informed the E-PACE doesnt come with memory seats so its fine and I accepted it. However, I only just discovered the E-PACE 200 doesnt come with dipping side mirror when reversing. Seriously, this is such a basic feature nowadays that even lower range cars come with it. Very disappointing. Petrol consumption is terrible. So far I clock 11L per 100 km even though I select Eco mode sometimes. Front dashboard could sure do with more leather wrapping instead of plastic parts surrounding the screen. Car is a good drive. You feel safe inside. But with the lacking features, maybe you will get more with an Audi.
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