Honda Shuttle Hybrid HVS Edition

Honda Shuttle Hybrid HVS Edition

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My plan was to get an SUV and was eyeing the SEAT Arona when we saw this car tucked in the corner of the showroom. Not as good looking like the Arona or Ateca but inside was actually spacious and pretty. One test drive later and it convinced us. And the price - cheaper than a comparable Korean and those are not coming with an TSI engine. A year later still happy with this choice. Except for one incident that the battery died (less than 6 months), the rest is so far so good. The drive is very sporty, superb handling, acceleration is very quick for this type of car, even more if it is on 'S'. No such thing like wheel spin - note that I upgraded to 16" As that is the default spec when sold in Europe. Instead what happen if floored is that all other cars are suddenly behind me. The suspension is quite hard though, so need to go slow on speed bumps. Super practical car with large boot and lot of small but useful details not expected (like the stowing net in the trunk). Recommendation: go for 16" And upgrade to Full-link to support Android-Auto or Apple Car.

Owned the 2.0 Executive Mode for 2 months. Car is really well spec and most importantly it's cheap. Great fuel economy ranging from 10.5km/L (City) to 14km/L (HW). Coming from a German brand, this car really surprises me. I will definitely buy it again.

I went to test drive the Opel Corsa on 16/10/2020. This was pre-release and not announced to the public. I found the car on display and sale at the showroom while on the way to work. Immediately I raced down to Auto Germany to take a look at the car. It was magnificent. The car is a sight to behold. Very strong road presence, aggressive looks and very sporty design. Kudos to the sales representative Marcus for giving me a very good orientation of the car as well as its specs.
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