Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class SG Car Choice Edition

Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class SG Car Choice Edition

The LATEST GLB-Class on sale now! 7-seater comfort with a spacious boot. Affordably priced!

Consumer Car Reviews

Having just bought a car and knowing how important firsthand reviews are, I'll try my best to be as objective as possible. I must state first of all that I don't own this car- I've only test driven it twice. Was seriously considering this car as I was looking for an SUV for my family (towards a family of 4), and a hybrid to be more environmentally friendly. I even came really close to putting down a deposit for this car. What stands out for this car is really the engine- props to Nissan for coming up with a distinct hybrid system which (at the moment) works well. Floor the accelator and instantaneous torque from the electric motor sends car racing off the lines. The one touch pedal drive is a great feature as well, especially for someone who relies on coasting to a stop. For its price, the safety features it came with was extremely comprehensive. I also liked what Nissan has done with its styling. What made me decide against it came down to quite a few things: interior build quality is really not great. Despite the Nappa leather (higher trim), you can tell from the amount of hard plastics and the layout that it looks haphazard and- for lack of a better word- cheap. In addition, the build of the car is rather flimsy - you can tell just from opening and closing the car door which lacks the satisfying "Thump" You get from well built cars. Nissan's reliability is also suspect, and the fact that this car is also built in Thailand does nothing to assuage people's fears. It also lacks android auto (why, nissan?) and a big deal breaker for me: the reverse camera. For a basic function you use on a daily basis, a rear view camera which makes up only half of the rearview camera is inexcusable. It's already incredibly difficult to see on normal days, but even more so when parking in an open air carpark in broad daylight- the reflective mirror makes the task practically impossible. Such a shame!

Really great alternative to your regular SUV. You get a car that is still tall for easy entry and exit, and it still has loads of room for everyone, but looks more like a jacked-up estate.

Had this car from 2012-2018, and it was a total nightmare. Had regular issues, the biggest one was the faulty gearbox. Before I handed over the car to the dealer for trade Iin , it acted out again and cost me another 2k to settle it! It a very disappointing experience. When you paid for a premium car, you definitely don't deserve this sort of experience. Avoid at all cost.
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June 2021

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