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Book on Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution released

The new 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Dec 2008.
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(launched 2006)

spacer Successor Mitsubishi Lancer EX (2008-2017)
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1.6 GLX (M)
$52,988 (Jan 2010) spacer
10.2km/L 106 bhp 5-speed (M)
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1.6 GLX Sports (M)
$54,988 (Oct 2009) spacer
10.4km/L 106 bhp 5-speed (M)
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1.6 GLX (A)
$55,988 (Jan 2010) spacer
10km/L 106 bhp CVT (A)
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1.6 GLX Sports (A)
$56,988 (Oct 2009) spacer
10km/L 106 bhp CVT (A)
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1.8 Ralliart Turbo (A)
$70,988 (Apr 2007) spacer
13km/L 165 bhp 4-speed (A)
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Mitsubishi Lancer
3.5 stars - based on 33 reviews
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33 Consumer Reviews

The best 1.6 (M) `
Driven this for 5 years, third owner already. The engine is still good after I let the workshop to evaluate whether is good for renew. Therefore already to decided to renew the COE as no money for down payment :/
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Reliable and easy to use daily driver `
Drive for 1 year and 20K km as an OPC. FC is good and can do 14km/L on a light foot. Car is light and can move off fast if you know how to handle the light clutch. mine had SSCUS seats and manual gearbox, light mods to handling but no suspension changes. No big problem within the 1 year of usage and running about. Can do 150kmh easily if pushed. Not a turbo car but a good daily driver.
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Used it for Uber & Grab and it's still solid! `
I drive a 07' Lancer 1.6A Sports model for Uber & Grab everyday . I bought it in Jan of 2016 with a year left of coe . The previous owner lowered it and chanhed the hood . Other than that the car is stock and for a stock car it's very good looking! It's a really reliable and worth renewing the coe for another 10 years!
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Reliable and economical car `
My 1st car was a used CS3 (2 years old car registered in 2005) and I drove it from 2007 till 2015 and clocked 165, 000 km. A workhorse, it had no major issues throughout the eight years except for a cracked radiator which left me stranded on the road once. Fuel consumption was approximately 12 km/l.
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