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Suzuki APV 1.6 (A) Review

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Jan 2014.
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(launched 2004)

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1.6 (A)
$122,500 (Jan 2014) spacer
11.4km/L 92 bhp 4-speed (A)
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Suzuki APV
3 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Suzuki APV 1.6 (A) Review
Being one of the most affordable MPVs on the market is no easy feat. But is the APV sacrificing too much to be affordable?
4 Consumer Reviews

Fun car! `
The APV is the most fun car that I've owned! There are 8 people in my family so we fit perfectly into the APV. We've gone on many family excursions to farms and all sorts of places over the years, and having everyone in just one car was more noisy and fun! Going out with my friends was the same, much easier and enjoyable in one car. I've also managed to load up 3 bicycles (2 medium sized ones + a foldable bike) and go to different parks with my kids. Performance wise, it's a little bumpy and looses power when we're going up a slope but it's alright with me since it's been such a useful car. Would love to have an Alphard or a Vellfire but the prices and road tax for those are sky high. The APV is in the 1.6 category. Good economical car without the frills. Note: car is 1.85m tall so like the other MPVs, I could not enter a few older buildings like: Centre point, Mt Elizabeth hospital, the building along Beach rd that houses little Thailand. HDB multistorey car parks with a 1.9m limit were fine.
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My Dad Own This Car and It Have Some Problems `
The Time My Dad Bought The APV In 2009 He Only Paid $48,000 But Now It Cost More Than $85,000, As The COE Has Chaged Over The Years
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APV leh, All Purpose Vehicle indeed. `
i recently sat in a maroon red suzuki APV for a ride from my friend. I was sitting at the side passenger seat beside the driver. The APV feels tall and has a 4x4 vehicle ride height. The APV also has 8 seats to sit many people. It has many aircons, including rear air cons to ventilate and cool the car fast. It has a quite punchy engine which will be loud and growl after 4k rpm. it is really reasonably price which is quite value for money. My friend added chrome to the mirrors and front, added LED lights to the front and back, a few huge speakers. He also wanted to get a SUZUKI TURBOCHARGER, to increase pickup power. total mods he said will cost about 200 to 300bucks without the turbocharger- few hundred to few thousand. Suzuki can fit alot of cargo even with the 3rd row seats down only and still sit 5 people in 2nd and 1st row comfortably. Very good car.
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Budget Vehicle for Large Families `
The APV is the most accessible people mover in the market today. If taken for what it is, a basic utility vehicle for moving up to 8 people around, this mini van will not let you down. Although the APV is rather basic in the features department, the build quality is higher than expected. The ease of entry to the third row is unrivaled at this price range. Although the APV looks rather narrow, comfort levels when fully loaded are not compromised. It obviously does not have sedan like handling, but will be able to corner without slowing down to a crawl. Its turning radius is even better than most sedans. The blemish to this vehicle is its fuel consumption. At 9.2km/l, its running costs becomes significantly higher than the competition. With fuel prices at record highs, perhaps a CNG version will make this vehicle more appealing. Overall, the APV is an excellent choice for a budget vehicle for large families. It is best confined to weekend jaunts, due to its poor fuel consumption.
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