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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Oct 2012.
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(launched 2009)

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2.4i (A)
$122,000 (Apr 2009) spacer
11km/L 170 bhp 5-speed (A)
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2.0 (A)
$179,000 (Oct 2012) spacer
12.6km/L 145 bhp 6-speed (A) DCT
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T5 R-Design (A)
$205,000 (Oct 2011) spacer
10.6km/L 230 bhp 5-speed (A)
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Volvo S40
3 stars - based on 6 reviews
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6 Consumer Reviews

S40 2.0(A) `
Bought a second hand S40, 2.0(A) car. After driving around this car for almost 1 year, my impression for this car has greatly improved.
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S40 `
After driving around this car for 2 more months aft my last review, the car now seems much better after getting the run in! Fuel consumption has now improved to 10 plus km/L and acceleration and power seems to come much easier. Recently called back to SM for some software updates as well. Seems to help with the gearshifting. Less jerkiness now. Overall: my impression of this car has improved greatly as time goes haha!
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Best balance of comfort, handling, performance & value i could find `
Bought the 2009 version. The 6 speed g-box is smooth and compensates for the lack of the turbo but acceleration is respectable but not outstanding. Love the seats and comfort. Drive is reassuring and steady. Very solid drive all the way to 180km/h. Good value for money. Whole family prefers this over the C class i still have. Clunking noise of aircon is not present in this model.
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S40 2010' 2.0l `
Bought a second hand 2010 jun model. Aft 1 wk of use, air con started to blow hot air! just like wad the other reviewer mentioned and this is 2 yrs after he had posted. So kind of disappointed that SM motors did not rectify this problem. They could have updated all incoming cars. Comfort-wise, pretty good, however i think for the price u pay, the least they could add in is auto headlights and rain wipers. Fuel consumption is nowhere near the 12.8km/l but btwn 9-10km/l. Overall a pretty decent car with a good design and of course a super safe car. Nothing exciting but least its a tad stylish and classy to be in.
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