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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Feb 2012.
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(launched 2008)

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2.5 (M)
$92,500 (Nov 2009) spacer
9.6km/L 230 bhp 5-speed (M)
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2.5 STi A-Line (A)
$175,800 (Aug 2011) spacer
6.4km/L 300 bhp 5-speed (A)
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2.5 STI (M)
$192,800 (Feb 2012) spacer
9km/L 300 bhp 6-speed (M)
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Subaru Impreza WRX 5D
4 stars - based on 7 reviews
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Car Review - Subaru Impreza WRX 5D 2.5 STi A-line (A)
Fitted with an automatic gearbox, Subaru’s top of the line Impreza STi hatch can now appeal to the person who wants something to blow his/her mind, without the hassle.
7 Consumer Reviews

Back in the day breaking world record on rally championship with flat 4 rumble, ... `
Similar cars tried: Honda Integra Type R, Porsche 911, Fairlady, Mitsubishi Evo Duration of car driven: More than 3 years This mad crazy little hatchback is not your typical hatchback like a volkswagen or a renault. It's raw as hell, trust me get into one and your legs would be numb after one single pull from that monster engine.Tone down version of a rally car, amazing car for road daily, comfortable and extremely easy to drive with HARDCORE performance make you want to trash it every single day with that turbo, with gear shift settings rpm LED LIGHT, unbelievable car with interior not like the cheap 07 before sedan where all sorts of noise come in, not this, unbelievable interior with ecu si drive mode, no more low fuel consumption due to unable to tweak with the ecu like the old version of subaru impreza before 07. If you are enthusiast and you have 80k to spend in your bank account, here it is. Everything feel solid and well made even the clutch and gas pedal is sensitive and overly responsive. That turbo spooling is beyond joy but endlessly happy. A subaru sti will change you, this powerful beast beg you to go faster and push it to the limit if you allow and your heart can take it. With 6speed ratio with mix of close to wide ratio, top speed of 280km/h with mods is achievable. Looking into performance mods, this car can easily take on 600hp with stock gearbox. Unlike the wrx, this is hardcore and the power will rip off your expectation from excitement to fear of your life & safety if you reach that extreme level. Not for the faint hearted. Trust me.The stock power is way enough and too much for sg road.
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Best performer I've owned `
You get to choose what sort of throttle response you like. Then you choose from six settings how much power you like to go to the front wheels and how much to the back. Or you can go for the auto setting, which unlocks the centre differential, sending most of the torque to the rear, or the Auto +, which sends it to the front. You can also control the three-way vehicle dynamics control system, which turns the traction control system on, off or very off.
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Where is the 2010 STI sedan? `
Nice hatch with plenty of horsepower. The nice looking STI is already on sale in many other countries including Japan but when would it reach our shore?
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Exhilarating drive! `
Even before starting to drive the car, I've already gotten a big shot of adrenaline just by cranking up the ignition. First driving impression is that, this car is built like a tank and drives like a tank, even in excess of 100kmh. Stability is top notch that you can feel the 4 wheels firmly planted onto the ground. Overall driving feel is just fantastic! Just loooooooooove the kick of the turbo spoooooling up!
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