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1.6 (A)
$90,500 (Jun 2011) spacer
13.3km/L 125 bhp 4-speed (A)
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1.6 (M)
$91,900 (Dec 2011) spacer
13.3km/L 125 bhp 5-speed (M)
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Suzuki Swift Sport
4 stars - based on 22 reviews
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Car Review - Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6 (M)
Fun fun fun under the tropical sun. We finally pay tribute to one of Singapore’s most popular hatchbacks...
Great first car for anyone
This is my first car and it had brought me great joy and beautiful memories with it. All the wonderful road trips on it to all parts of Malaysia, 1 tracking session in JB and daily commute over this 8+ years of ownership. Suzuki makes really reliable cars albeit basic but it does gets the job done and i must say the Swift Sport 1.6M is definitely one of the better cars in those days. I never really had to do major repairs in my years of ownership except for repairs causes by my own foolishness. I was comparing Honda Jazz & Toyota Altis back then and i am glad i made this choice back then (although the other 2 dealer's salespeople didn't exactly bothered with me anyway, but i guess it can't be helped that they are really not lacking in sales)
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Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6M
Underneath the 'look closely or you miss it' redesign, this Swift sits on an all new platform. The chassis is lighter and stronger than the previous model. It is also a little bigger, length is up by 9cm, and the wheelbase (space between the front and rear wheels) has grown four centimetres allowing for more interior space. Each body panel is new and different to its predecessor, yet the overall shape continues. We're long time fans of the chunky, high waist looks, black coloured A-pillars and Suzuki have thankfully opted for an evolutionary, if somewhat conservative, redesign. The bigger, more elongated headlights, a grille which cuts into the bonnet more predominantly, and at the rear new tail lights and bumper styling would be easily overlooked if not familiar with it, but the clear and red tail-light clusters look significantly more modern than the previous models all-red finish.
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A hatch so cheeky it rocks up at the Mini’s party with a four-pack of Special ...
In its Sport guise, the Suzuki Swift is a little tearaway, serving up more fun than its power or price would have you believe. Even the base models are pretty perky. It's a small supermini, but OK for space in the front. In the back things are a lot more cramped. The main issue is noise: this is a light car and there isn't much sound deadening to quell the roar of the tyres. The Sport is cool-ish, as long as you manage to think yourself away from the mindset that you wanted a Mini but couldn't afford it. The Swift is unpretentious, kitted out with a simple hard-plastic cabin. But everything fits together accurately and permanently. On the outside, panel gaps are good and tight and the surfacing gives a well-resolved impression. But some more soundproofing would have been a good idea. The Swift is sharp and eager to engage. The quick steering and low-mass sensation have it chicaning about with glee. At times the Sport can even get a little tail-happy, so pay attention if you turn off the ESP. Five doors in a car so small help its case, and compactness aids parking. But bottom line is the Swift is a supermini, and a small one at that, so you have to accept the limitations.
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My first car and still driving it!
My first car ever, and having this for 4 years already. No disappointment - just space, but then what would you expect for a small car. Just a bit more power at stock would be great, but with aftermarket mods - legal hehe - just get enough more power. Will be sad to have to let it go soon to get a bigger car for the family...but loving it every moment now...
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