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Jakarta Car Review - Proton Exora 1.6 (A)

Proton Exora 1.6 (A) Review

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Dec 2015.
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(launched 2009)

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Bold 1.6 CFE CVT (A)
$133,000 (Apr 2014) spacer spacer
12.8km/L 138 bhp CVT (A)
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1.6 (M)
$102,999 (Sep 2011) spacer
13.9km/L 125 bhp 5-speed (M)
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Bold 1.6 CPS (A)
$116,000 (Mar 2014) spacer
13.5km/L 125 bhp 4-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
Proton Exora
3.5 stars - based on 12 reviews
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Proton Exora 1.6 (A) Review
We’ve driven the Exora before but only briefly back in August. It left our editor with a positive first impression but will the extended time spent with it on local roads change those good vibes?
12 Consumer Reviews

My First MPV `
Was driving a Toyota Vios 2004 1.5L so it is a huge difference to driving an MPV. First Impression: First thing I realised is that the interior is super spacious and with that I was in disbelief that it was powered by a 1.6L engine. Driving It: Of course the MPV is taller than the sedan but I find it easy to get in and out of the vehicle (I am around 1.7m). However, it could be an issue for the elderly as it is rather high and my Grandma will struggle to pull herself in as the seats are rather high for her. With a taller vehicle, driving is different from a Sedan. The seats are comfortable but turns can be felt rather easily compared to the snug seats from a Vios and of course a lower vehicle which makes it more stable. Nevertheless, taking turns are not too bad but of course.. Being an MPV, one has to be mindful that turns must be taken at a slower speed. Engine response is good and if you floor the accelerator, it does pick up reasonably. On the contrary, with its heavy body... You would definitely know that the faster you pick up speed, the more your fuel consumption will be. The auto transmission is a 4 speed transmission which can be an issue if you are trying to overtake or pick up speed. However, with a quick hard step on the accelerator, you are able to drop a gear and the engine will roar to give you that additional power (Which might seem inadequate if you are on a load of 5 people) Fuel Economy: Indeed, fuel consumption is an area that the car could improve on. A refill of 50 L could bring you to around 450km - 500km. (Full tank is 55L). This is far from what is mentioned on the meter of 602km-622km of distance left (which I believe is an estimation based on highway driving). On the average, I get around 9.6km/l to 9.9km/l driving around 60% Normal roads, 40% Highway with minimal acceleration. Overall: It's good for those who wants a sturdy car but not for those who are looking for speed. But hey.. That's what MPVs are for.. Transport people from one place to the other.. Safely.
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Practical family car. `
I was in KL recently with my family for casual gathering with my relative. I was amaze at the Proton Exore that was driven by my sister in law. It was spacious has i am 1.75m tall & 110 kg sit at the 3rd row together with my 13 years old son. The leg room is reasonable compare to Wish or Steam that i have tried. There was 8 of us including 2 kids age 6 year. The rear aircon is also a plus factor.
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Exora bold manual should be brought in too `
After owning both the Exora Bold CFE and Preve CFE I find the Exora CFE is adequate for full load mpv.Though there's room for improvement Proton should consider push start button for the Exora.Although pick up can do a lot better I can't complain much as its only a light turbo single from a 1561cc engine.Body weight is also heavy at 1471kg for a 1.6 mpv.You only notice the powerband when the car is above 1900-2100 rpm.Driving from 70-120kmh is such an ease with no problem at overtaking from speed suchs as 100kmh.Dashboard can do much better.Only hiccup is the fanbelt which is only considered a sub standard.Theres no engine bay flooring to protect belting from water.My advice is to buy those belt spray and use it only if u hear a squeaking sound during warm up.
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A Great Car `
It is more spacious than its peers, such as Wish or Stream. It costs much less than WIsh and Stream. Being cheaper doesnt't mean the Exora's quality is below par. I would rate it on par with its competitor.
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