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3.8 High Black Edition (A)
$336,300 (Nov 2010) spacer spacer
8.2km/L 480bhp 6-speed (A) dual clutch
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Nissan GTR
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The Nissan GTR has set a new standard fo...  
Despite immense power and an out-and-out performance bent, the GTR is superbly comfortable and refined. It rides firmly though, There's 470bhp being sent to all four wheels via a semi-automatic dual clutch gearbox. This means 0-60mph in around 3.5 seconds and a top speed not far shy of 200mph. But it's what you can do in between that sets the GTR apart.. Suddenly a 911 is going to be tomorrow's chip paper, and everyone is going to be fighting over a Nissan. The GTR is beautifully constructed, with superb detailing and fantastically solid, contemporary materials. No problems reported yet either, and none likely. Taking Porsche's current generation 911 Turbo as a benchmark, the GTR handles like few other cars on the planet. Four-wheel drive provides bags of traction, while steering feels steady and pin-sharp. There is a boot of sorts, so you could just about go away in a GTR, but that's not the point. This is a car that's so preposterously good that shortcomings are mere foibles, readily dismissed with a quick squeeze of throttle.
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Car that scream the road and roar the sk...  
Introducing japan's newest and most powerful car from the nissan manufacturer, producing 485hp from its 3.8 litre twin turbocharged engine will satisfy anybody that prefers budget car than exotics like Lamborghini or Ferrari. Featuring its semi automatic gear will ease singaporean that loves to drive but hate shifting gears manually. Its All Wheel Drive technology also provides mobility in tough terrains when traveling in Malaysia. The cost of a GTR might be about 3 times more expensive than a car in Singapore but comparing with a Lamborghini, its half the price and producing the same power.
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