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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Mar 2015.
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(launched 2012)

spacer Successor Toyota Prius C Hybrid (2015-2020)
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1.5 (A)
$115,888 (Feb 2015) spacer
25.6km/L n/a CVT (A)
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Toyota Prius C Hybrid
4 stars - based on 9 reviews
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Car Review - Toyota Prius C Hybrid 1.5 (A)
The Prius family may have extended its line with an addition of a compact hatchback, but can the newborn prove itself worthy of the hybrid badging?
Very fuel efficient car...
A good car for people for travels a lot. Very fuel economical.. on average I use this car > 3000km/month. Reliability was good.. never really have big issue except the mess cause by the authorise service centre that spoil my brakes. This small car is good for small family with good agility but the handling was not that good, thus need further upgrade on strut, ARB, tyres, shock or rims.. Anyway enjoy riding on this car... Previously was using Honda Fit..
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Yes, Indeed, among all the 6 cars i have owned before
I bought the Prius C when it was launch in March '12 and I absolutely enjoyed driving. I will leave my Beemer at home when I drive to Orchard Road. This car is superb when you are driving in heavy traffiic conditions. The aircondtitioning is good, no woriries about overheating, no wastage in fuel as the engine is switched off automatically in a traffic jam. For normal driving, it is more fun than the average hatchback. Lots of grip, because it got ABS, ESP(Electronic Traction Control) & VSC (Vehical Stability Control). VSC is usually only in more expensive cars. It makes handling in the wet so much safer compared with its bigger brother the Altis. At a reasonable price, I think Toyota will be able to sell many of these if there is more advertising on this fastastic Hybrid Car Simply love it!
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Artery friendly
Often you'll find yourself with many damaging jolts to your heart driving under gantries or seeing the fuel tank empty between trips to work, picking up family and friends. While a small car series is very pocket friendly, nothing cuts it quite like the hybrid in letting you know you still have 700km to go. The only obvious competitor to this is the Honda Fit Hybrid. However, the EV mode sets the Prius C as the clear winner as for the most frugal lot, it lets you roll downhill and ride around free as much as you can on zero petrol. The other big problem with hybrids is whether they can have enough acceleration and passing power when you need to quickly overtake or cut in. Thankfully there is no gear changing lag like the Fiat Punto or dying acceleration in Chevrolet models before the Cruise. This bugger is fast!
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Cheapest car maintenance I have had
When the Prius C was launched, I couldn't help but put myself in for the launch update by Borneo. And I've never regret since the sales person call me up and update me on the launch. 1 week after launch and massive info searching online, I pretty much decided on the car except the need to test it out in flesh. Yes, the car is a hybrid - so what? fuel price isn't exactly at it's cheapest today. Yes, the car does not drive excitingly - this car isn't built for such abuse. It's meant to be abuse for long distance driving (yes, that's right) It's lacking in space & comfort - not to me, try putting 4 full grown oversize adult with 1 day pack and drive all the way to Penang on a single fuel tank (well close to single, I did not risk it at Taiping so i fueled up there). The size was perfect, front passenger get a good sleep, back passengers well spread out. Noises are pretty much bearable at 100km/h.
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