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Mazda6 2.5 R (A) vs Suzuki Kizashi 2.4 (A) vs Toyota Camry 2.0 (A)

Toyota Camry 2012 2.5 (A) Review

Mazda6 2.5 R (A) vs Nissan Teana 2.5 (A) vs Toyota Camry 2.5 (A)

Rule change allowed car buyers to access bigger loans

This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Apr 2015.
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(launched 2012)

spacer Successor Toyota Camry (2015-2019)
spacer Predecessor Toyota Camry (2006-2012)
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2.0 (A)
$161,888 (Apr 2015) spacer
12.1km/L 146 bhp 4-speed (A)
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2.5 (A)
$165,888 (Apr 2015) spacer
13km/L 178 bhp 6-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
Toyota Camry
3.5 stars - based on 5 reviews
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Mazda6 2.5 R (A) vs Nissan Teana 2.5 (A) vs Toyota Camry 2.5 (A)
Family sedans were meant to provide practicality and comfort. But not anymore, as a trio of marques demonstrates what else they can do too.
5 Consumer Reviews

Stable business car `
Tested the 2.5L. Very stable and comfortable drive like what we expect from a camry. Enough internal features and very functional with good space both boot and rear. Acceleration is good. excellent functional car though not so exciting.
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A Reliable Family Mid-Size Sedan `
1) The price is between Mazda 6 and Honda Accord. Those who are considering a Jap mid-size sedan, Camry is a typical candidate for this range. 2) Camry is a typical "towkay" car among locals. It is not surprise to see the older folks driving a Camry.
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Another Camry with only slight improvement `
I am in Australia, driving a 2.5L camry and am providing this review base on what I am driving now. Note: S'pore model is a little different from what I am driving-australia model. But only cosmetic different and they share the same engine, chassis and other major component. Main Different: Aust model: paddle shift, twin exhaust, no leather (extra cost), no electric folding mirror, 7 airbags S'pore model: Electric folding mirror, Leather, single exhaust, no paddle shift, 4 airbags
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Camry 2012....To get or not to get ?? `
Went by Borneo sometime back to catch the glimpse of the 2012 Camry, after driving my friend's one (2.4L) which I loved it. The exterior has been made sportier, more curves, body kit (to me not that necessary), sharper lights too. In it, its still a typical Toyota, same as previous model, nothing much changed except some touches in audio, buttons, etc...wonder when will they change in the interior ? The drive was good, I guess only the 2.5L comes with 6-speed box which is pretty smooth. According to sales person, this is a Dual VVT-i which is even more fuel economical than the current VVT-i. With now in electric steering, the handling has improved and good to have it. Overall, Camry still captures many Uncles out there but it certainly does capture mine too (am also being called uncle already). Finally, be it a 2012 or earlier Camry is ok to get but get the bigger one than the 2.0L as more features and have a 6-speed box. Definately worth it if you look at fuel economy and good drive.
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