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Model unavailable since Nov 2019
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spacer Predecessor Honda Odyssey (2008-2014)
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Honda Odyssey
3.5 stars - based on 31 reviews
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Worse mpv i tested  
Terrible pricing with sub par NVH and performance. Poorly build interior and extremely sluggish off the line. Suspension feels very unsettled. Went over rumble strips during test drive, felt that the suspension was absent. Terribly engineered. Would rather go for Serena with lower road tax and better fuel economy, let alone the price.
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Superb handling and quietness - mark of ...  
I simply don't understand why some people post reviews about the Honda Odyssey saying that it is noisy, under-powered, creaking slide doors etc. Ok I accept that in a review page, people can say what they want but it really annoys me as an owner of a 2 month old Odysssey that there is very little truth to all these nonsense. Almost caused me to consider the Toyota Previa and Estima. In fact, I also fail to understand why Borneo's Previa has super bad reviews while parallel import Estima enjoys super reviews when the 2 cars are exactly the same, with Estima having even poorer interior specs! So, be careful who is writing the reviews!! My experience with Kah Motors Odyssey is that this is a flawless car, super quiet, powerful k24A engine, classy interior, and sits 7 people easily. No regrets at all. See my reviews below.
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