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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Nov 2019.
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Honda Odyssey
3.5 stars - based on 31 reviews
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Facelift - Honda Odyssey EXV-S Navi Res (A)
The Honda Odyssey gets some subtle changes in and out to ensure its modernity against its strong segment peers. So how does the full-sized MPV fare?
Facelift (What's New)
Redesigned front bumper
Honda Sensing safety suite featuring Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, Collision and Road Departure Mitigation
New Entertainment system
31 Consumer Reviews

Worse mpv i tested `
Terrible pricing with sub par NVH and performance. Poorly build interior and extremely sluggish off the line. Suspension feels very unsettled. Went over rumble strips during test drive, felt that the suspension was absent. Terribly engineered. Would rather go for Serena with lower road tax and better fuel economy, let alone the price.
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Superb handling and quietness - mark of quality and reliability `
I simply don't understand why some people post reviews about the Honda Odyssey saying that it is noisy, under-powered, creaking slide doors etc. Ok I accept that in a review page, people can say what they want but it really annoys me as an owner of a 2 month old Odysssey that there is very little truth to all these nonsense. Almost caused me to consider the Toyota Previa and Estima. In fact, I also fail to understand why Borneo's Previa has super bad reviews while parallel import Estima enjoys super reviews when the 2 cars are exactly the same, with Estima having even poorer interior specs! So, be careful who is writing the reviews!! My experience with Kah Motors Odyssey is that this is a flawless car, super quiet, powerful k24A engine, classy interior, and sits 7 people easily. No regrets at all. See my reviews below.
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Cheap underpowered econobox `
Odyssey being a japanese car, is super cheap which translates to an extremely cheap interior with over styled exterior with chrome from daiso that makes it look like a hearse!! Undeniably, it is ultimately a honda and should be reliable. Conversely, the torsion beam suspension made for a bumpy and bouncy ride with poor sound insulation like a typical japanese van like a Hiace or Nv200. These japanese vans may not be the best in handling but they excel in load carrying. Should the odyssey carry full load, it will be struggling and gasping for more power for sure. Yes, even on Singapore roads. Trust me I'm not lying. Plus points for the odyssey is it has 3 specs, the cheapest for people for are unable to afford continental cars and take 7 year car loans :) With that said, i would much rather go for a Hiace since it at least has sufficient torque unlike this econobox from Honda. Since both these vans have poor safety ratings, i personally would not put my family in it.(just close the doors and you would know what i mean). All the cheap scratchy plastics found in the cabin makes it feel like a recycled car, even more so than a recycling bin. Please do not waste your money on this econobox, which is cheap feeling,has no safety and drives like a shitbox.
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Best MPV for the Family `
Had tested Volkswagen Sharan and Touran and I must say this Odeyssey deserves the most ticks when it comes to a complete MPV. The car is still very spacious yet not looking too bulky from the outside. All 3 rows have plenty of room which is a big plus for me. The leg space are very big and comfortable, as compared to the Sharan and lest say The drive is very quiet, not as noisy as what other reviews had mentioned. Pickup is good and gentle which is so ideal for a family - no abrupt and too strong accleration. The handling is light and comfortable as expected from a Honda. The interior is not best of class but practical and presentable if seen frm a family perspective car. Appreciated the fact that Honda has 3 variants of Odyssey and always having variants with the basic and practical specification and fittings which on one hand help consumers save money and being practical. Don't always like how media reviews about car always emphasize so much on the specifications when most of those money wasting specification are useless and impractical i.E. Sun-roof, assist parking, LED headlights, foglamps, autowipes or auto headlights etc.
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