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2.5 2017 Edition Luxury (A)
$125,800 (Jul 2018) spacer spacer
15.2km/L 189bhp 6-speed (A) SKYACTIV-DRIVE
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2.5 R-Grade Luxury (A)
$152,800 (Oct 2016) spacer spacer
15.2km/L 185bhp 6-speed (A) SKYACTIV-DRIVE
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Mazda 6 Wagon
4 stars - based on 5 reviews
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Car Review - Mazda6 Wagon 2.5 R-Grade Luxury (A)
The enjoyment of driving a Mazda6 is boosted with the extra practicality of a wagon in the lineup. We take the load-lugger out for a spin to find out more.
Very nice car. but ridiculously overpriced.
Very nicely designed car. but very overpriced. It's more expensive than the BMW 116D. For similar range, i would rather get a inifiniti Q50. other than the price. It's really very nice. Just not sure if it's worth the price
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Head-turner, Great Value
Been driving my Mazda 6 Wagon since Christmas 2014. Great-looking car, absolute pleasure driving it. Price and reliability of a Japanese car with the looks and comfort of a continental car. Whether it is inside or outside, it scores highly. The high-tech safety features come as standard for 2.5 wagon which is great value for money. Power is sufficient for most over-takings and fuel economy is great for a 2.5. Legroom/Headroom at the back and boot space are both excellent for a wagon. I shortlisted a few cars and this car eventually top the list for one pragmatic reason - A 2.5l SkyActiv engine with excellent fuel economy. Overall, I'm a very satisfied owner of the Mazda 6 and will highly recommend this car to anyone.
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Brilliant Wagon, even better than the Sedan
For looks and drivability, Mazda 6 Wagon is ahead of its peers. For the interior, i give it a 4 stars as this is the current bugbear for me (the new Facelift gonna change it all) The drive is still engaging (I own a 1st Gen Mz6 and has driven the 2nd Gen and the 3rd Gen sedan) and the wagon handles better than the sedan. The engine begs you to rev it and you are rewarded with a satisfying sporty exhaust as you do so. And it's the fastest among its peers. While it's true that the legroom is not the best in its class, it's more than sufficient, and the sports seas are comfortable and hugging. BTW, buying a Mazda is about driving the car, not to be driven in one. Boot size while not the biggest but it is bigger and more versatile than the wagon. In short, apart from the gorgeous look, the 6 Wagon offers a good drive and good comfort level. Very much looking forward to the facelift wagon
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Test drove during MCF Mazda event
Managed to test drive the Mazda 6 Wagon during the MCF Mazda event. The outlook of the car is what attracts me to driving a wagon. The nice flowing lines and its size. However the space inside of the car was a let down. Boot space was much smaller than other similar wagon(i40), rear passenger leg room also lacking. During the test drive, the handling of the car was great. However the engine is not lively. There is some delay when accelerator was depressed, rpm rising but speed did not go up as fast. Overall it is a good car but not for me. Mainly due to interior space and engine performance. Also not liking to turn off i-stop every time I drive. If there is a feature to turn off i-stop permanently, that would be great.
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