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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since May 2021.
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2.0 (M)
$192,800 (May 2021) spacer
10.8km/L 264 bhp 6-speed (M)
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2.0 (A)
$195,800 (May 2021) spacer
11.6km/L 264 bhp Sport Lineartronic (A)
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Subaru WRX
4 stars - based on 6 reviews
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Car Review - Subaru WRX 2.0 (A)
The Subaru WRX has written a remarkable chapter in automotive folklore during its 20-year reign. Can it regain its iconic status with the latest iteration?
Rally-inspired pocket rocket
I have had a couple different models of this car, but one thing I love about the WRX is that it has stayed true to its rally-inspired roots. And the basic formula has remained unchanged - put a small but well-balanced flat 4-pot into the front of a smallish to mid-sized sedan, put a snail on it, add AWD into the mix and watch magic happen. Its closest rival in the segment, the mighty Evo, has sadly gone the way of the dodo, leaving the Subaru triumphant by default among the rally-inspired AWD road rockets. On a price to performance basis, the car remains unbeatable. Needless to say, it is most rewarding with a proper manual transmission. Even thought the AWD makes it a competent drag car, dumped-clutch launches are a no-no (unless you basically have an unlimited repair budget). Similarly, eschew handbrake turns, as cool as they may be to execute, if you value the health of your differential. But even with those compromises, this car remains a practically unbeatable performance bargain.
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Powerful and affordable sedan!
This new Subaru WRX handles better, looks better, and the interior feels better than the previous generation WRX.
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Best all rounder
Checklist Price - Check Power - Check Torque - Check Handling - Check Check Body Styling - Check Japan Made - Check LED Light - Check Safety Rating - Check Check Check Check Check
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Car was biought used with 130k on the clock in stock condition. Athough a 2.5, the fuel consumption was reasonable at 9-9.5km/l with 70 % HW and 30 % city. Car did not fail for the next 80k km that was owned
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