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(launched 2015, facelifted Dec-2019)

spacer Predecessor Volvo XC90 (2012-2015)
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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Fuel Economy Power Transmission Detailed Info
T5 Momentum 7-Seater (A)
$319,000 spacer spacer
$28,200 /yr 12.7km/L 250bhp 8-speed (A) Geartronic
Specs | Features 
T6 R-Design 7-Seater (A)
$364,000 spacer spacer
$31,900 /yr 12.5km/L 315bhp 8-speed (A) Geartronic
Specs | Features 

Price updated 06-May-2021

Volvo XC90
4 stars - based on 8 reviews
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Car Review - Volvo XC90 T6 R-Design (A)
Volvo's stately SUV, the seven-seating XC90 T6, goes against the grain with a sporty R-Design trim and it's absolutely worth the wait.
Comparison - BMW X5 xDrive35i 7-Seater (A) vs Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription 7-Seater (A)
One of the best large SUVs
Volvo has continued invest in technology and design and is now a stronger competitor against the 3 German brands. The XC90 is a very competent car with a perfect balance between engine efficiency, power and handling. The technical features such as pilot assist, blind-spot detection, assisted braking and dynamic cruise control work perfectly to add safety assurance to the driving experience
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A Volvo Surprise packet
Volvo was never really on my selection list. Although when they announced the XC90 I remember thinking thats a very good looking car. It looked quite similar from the back I thought, so it can't be that much different. I needed to upgrade my car and I need/wanted something bigger. I looked around and liked a few cars and I nearly decided on the Q7. The Q7 was very nice and I've been an Audi fan for sometime. Audi offered me a ridiculous low price for the Audi I was trading in and so I thought I'd take a look around. I was very surprised by the XC90. It is feature rich, the engine is surprisingly punchy for a car that size (even the T5 version), it was extremely comfortable and quiet and I couldn't think of anything that I wanted that it didn't have (except blind spot monitoring). So after a few months I can report that I am not at all disappointed. The car drives like a small car. The space in the cabin is superb, even in the the 3rd road. I love the Volvo Sensus system that controls everything in the car and the digital dash coupled with the large LCD monitor in the middle is just brilliant. Better in my view than other digital dashboard so far. Just before purchasing I had one more look at he Q7. Compared to the XC90 it was quite feature poor. The Q7 had nothing in comparison with the automated cruise, city asset, lane keep assist, 'matrix' LED head lights, etc making the XC90 a much better option. Certainly no regrets and I'd suggest you to just put it on the list to look at. I've never thought of Volvo before. I find them boring and the insides very bland and with minimal technology. The XC90 shattered all these previous thoughts.
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A very complete and groundbreaking car
I am in the market to buy a car and I must say I am impressed. The passenger experience is better than a Q7, X5 or GLE400. Only the RX350/450h has a better passenger experience. The interior design is outstanding for its cool and quiet ambience. The power from the dimunitive 4 cyl 2 liter is very impressive. Surprising. Handling is also surprising for a car this size. The car is very silent for a 4 cyl but achieves this through sound insulatioin rather than a quiet engine. Which is a slight negativel. The car is quite large and can be challenging to drive and park in land scarce Singapore.
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Excellent vehicle comparable with the up market German makes
I drove the XC90 T5 and T6 and I must say that I am very impressed with this 2l Drive-E engine with super and turbo charge. The numbers on paper (320hp; 400Nm) for this 2l engine really live up to my expectation and dare I say is comparable to my IL6 producing 320hp/450Nm. Of course the delivery is not as smooth but then again this is comparing a 6cylinders to a 4cylinder! Responsiveness is even better when the drive mode is set to Dynamic... Overall, must say the engine performance for this new batch of Volvo has really changed my view of what Volvo used to be! Features wise, I must say the base Momentum model is already quite well equip as noted by many reviews. I had the opportunity to also ride in the R-design model which is approx $35k more. The price difference gets you couple of key items as follow: 1) Sun roof 2) Drive mode control 3) Nappa leather interior 4) Host of R design equip both external (body kit) as well as internal (seat, steering, etc) 5) 20" Alloy wheels 6) 12.3" Adaptive digital display IMO, the $35k is well justified and worth splurging.
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