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1.2 Style (A)  New Variant
$92,999 spacer spacer
- 20.4km/L 79 bhp INVECS III CVT (A)
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Price updated 13-May-2022

Mitsubishi Attrage
3.5 stars - based on 36 reviews
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Car Review - Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 CVT (A)
Will the Mitsubishi Attrage do things differently enough to be a strong seller? We run around in it to see what this compact sedan can do.

The Mitsubishi Attrage was facelifted on Feb 2022.
Read our review of the facelifted version.

Budget, simple car. But issue of safety and power remains.
Its a simple A-to-B car. Great for small family of 3/4 (2adults & 1/2 kids). Main issue is lack of power. You can feel it when driving. Every increase in pax in the car will require more on u to step on the accelerator. If full 5 pax of adult is a squeeze but doable. Just be considerate n keep to the left lane. Suspension is good on comfort, handles bumps well. But, as the car is build on budget, it doesn't have anti-roll bar, so handling is worrying, if u change direction fast (in emergency scenario) the car seems to tilt so much tat u worry it'll flip over. Talking about suspension, if u r carrying 3 grown adults in the rear, u can feel the car sink down. But what cannot be fault is the price. Cheap to buy & maintain. I avg around 15km/l even though i floor occasionally, the car(carrying 4 adults) at the traffic lights. Good first car or for new married couples. Will modify (legally) the car to make it more perfect and safer.
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Practical Car
Good for travelling on Singapore roads. Save petrol. Cruise control available from 2019 model onwards. Will definitely recommend to friends & relatives
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Satisfied owner yes
Personally satisfied as bought during low price. Clocking 18k and no issues. LED Drl, a rather iconic L shape rear and the much improved front grill makes it more pleasing compared to the previous model. My child fits at the rear no problem. Back seats quite spacious. C&C servicing a bit overpriced for bare minimum service so keep that in mind. Not keen on the sales talk when driving to serv.
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Reasonable and Good!
Can transport me from Point A to Point B safely at Reasonable Price. Bought at 25k COE, currently left 6years + PARF Car. Planning to change car but COE very expensive and during this endemic the COE should drop and car price should drop instead of increasing and reducing the COE bid for cars on the road.
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