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(launched 2014, facelifted Sep-2018)

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216i Sport (A)
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$12,800 /yr 15.8km/L 107bhp 7-speed (A) DCT
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Price updated 20-Mar-2020

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer
4 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Car Review - BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 218i Luxury (A)
16 Jan 2015  |  BMW Reviews
BMW charts new territory with the 2 Series Active Tourer, a front-wheel drive people mover that's actually fun to drive.
BMW MPV - Now I've seen it all  
For years I've had nothing but MPVs. They serve the family really well despite the last row not being used 80% Of the time. Of course back in the office amidst minted successful bachelors, I stood out as a sore thumb with such MPV heritage. Certainly even a cheap MX-5 was more useful in scoring a hot date than a 7 seater. And having "Plenty of space backseat" Was never a good pickup line. After buying the 2 series, I bust into office proclaiming “I’Ve just bought a BMW!” – And imagined myself with Deal-with-it shades smoking a joint. Colleagues gawked wondering “How could a die-hard practical MPV fanatic succumb to an expensive brand that doesn't just bomb the bank, but has a dreadful maintenance fallout.” When you look at the Active Tourer sideways, it was part hideous, part Touran-wannabe and resembled the new Kia Carens. Although an oddball and easily called ugly, the BMW logo turns it into Ron Jeremy rather than a typical fat guy that nobody wanted. Owning this felt like I had suddenly become Dwayne Johnson and could get away with sporting a fanny pack. Even my old MPV pickup line was no longer creepy. Those (hot dates) who were not really into cars didn’T really care. It was still a BMW and I'd score. Jealous co-workers swag posing by the coffee machine and the heartbroken MX-5 guy whose hot date dumped him for a handsome half-Thai with an old BMW Z4 start to voice out - “Ah here comes the guy with the fake BMW”. True enough – This was a FWD BMW in Singapore and it feels nothing like the other BMWs in terms of driving dynamics. Nevertheless, the generous space from thin ergonomic seats, rear air-con, loads of features like the hands-free tailgate opening and BMW connected drive meant I lose none of the MPV practicality I enjoy which they don’T. Overall, I could comfortably skip the “Rich boy” Bird of paradise show and still fit amidst the glimmering bachelors in the company. Light on the wallet, big on practicality and perhaps comparable to a car with a “Dad bod”, this BMW is a beautifully honest machine. Despite all my focus on securing hot dates, if this odd MPV were to be my date, this would be the one I’D propose to.
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Good balance on Space, Handling and Fuel...  
I had my 218i Active Tourer for about 6 weeks. The car is a good balance on space, power, handling and fuel consumption. Space - good headroom and knee room. Good space in the trunk. There is a hidden compartment under the trunk floor that you can store misc items. Many small pocket of storage space around the car such as door bin, arm rest, under the front seat chair Power & Handling - I drive mostly in Eco Pro mode. Even in Eco Pro mode, you can get good acceleration if you press hard on the throttle. The low end torque of the car is good and accelerate from start is quick. I haven't really use the sport mode yet as my car is still in run-in period. Handling is sharp and stable. Steering is a bit heavy but suits me well. Brake has good response and stop the car quickly. Fuel Consumption - in my normal route back & forth to office, I can get about 13-14 km/l. The car has start/stop and in Eco Pro mode, coast when you lift the throttle. It is amazing how far it can coast.
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