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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Oct 2019.
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- 12km/L 237bhp
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- 12km/L 237bhp
Specs | Features 
Land Rover Discovery Sport
3 stars - based on 2 reviews
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2 Consumer Reviews

The worst dealer service imaginable `
Firstly, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is a very good car. The problem is the local dealer, Wearns. Almost unbelievable service, and not in a good way. We purchased a Discovery Sport in 2013, which included Sat Nav. The maps were from 2013 or earlier - no MCE for example. Have asked many times for an update, but just received excuses - no update. But that is nothing compared to later events. As the car was approaching it's 1st birthday, it went in for a routine service. After getting the car back, we noticed a comment in the service report that there was an issue with the battery - but no comment on what this may be, or what action was taken. On questioning the service representative, he said the battery had been changed. I would have thought such information should be in the service report, but apparently not. Anyway, after driving the car away, we noticed a number of functions controlled via the touch screen were not working correctly. GPS (and still no new maps by the way), time, rear air-con settings, ambient lighting etc. So the car went back to be checked. This was early February, 2017. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it is now 23 May 2017, more than 3.5 months later. The car has been back six times to the dealer, and is still there as we speak. We have sometimes received a loan car whilst our car has been at the dealer, sometimes not. And when we have had a loan car, it has been a 5-seater, despite continuously saying we need a 7-seater as we have 4 kids. One of them has been travelling around without a seat belt. The car is not fixed. Nobody can tell us what is wrong. We have been offered no compensation, no permanent replacement, and lies about what work has been done or not. As of today, I still have no news on this at all. $214,888 for car that has not worked for the last three and a half months. No compensation. No suitable loan car. No replacement. And a car still at the workshop with no information about what is being done, or what is happening. Appalled. Do not buy a car from these people - and this is not a parallel import, this is the main dealer.
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Lost of warranty for installing dashcam in all Land Rover and Jaguar cars `
I am the new owner of a Land Rover Discovery. I was impressed by the stylish exterior look and the performance of the car. Brought the car during the motor show where they throw in the "Peace of Mind" Deal. However soon after I collect the car, I was informed that Jaguar Land Rover does not installing in-house dashcam (after sale) and they do not allow the car owners to install it via the electrical system by third party service providers as they claim it will void the warranty. Dashcam has become an essential safety feature in today world and yet Jaguar Land Rover has no solution to this. I'm not sure how this aligns to their "Peace of mind" Solution to their customers. What they can allow for their customers is to tap the power from the cigarette lighter which ends up with messy cable tangling all over the driver cockpit. Now my car interior looks worse than any Japanese or Korean cars.
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