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Ford Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost (A) Review

Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost (A) Facelift Review

Mythbusted: Does a faster car always consume more fuel?

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Sep 2020.
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(launched 2016, facelifted Apr-2019)

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5.0 GT (A)
$265,999 (Sep 2017) spacer spacer
8.3km/L 416 bhp 6-speed (A) SelectShift
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2.3 EcoBoost (A)

Facelifted on Apr-2019

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$204,888 (Sep 2020) spacer
10km/L 306 bhp 10-speed (A) with manual override
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2.3 Ecoboost (A)
$257,888 (Apr 2019) spacer
10.2km/L 312 bhp 10-speed (A) with manual override
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Ford Mustang
4 stars - based on 3 reviews
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Ford Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost (A) Review
Ford's four-pot pony combines muscle and efficiency with its smaller engine. But does that mean the Mustang has lost its soul as a true blue American muscle?

The Ford Mustang was facelifted on Apr 2019.
Read our review of the facelifted version.

What We Dislike
Materials used in cabin is a tad tacky
Lack of aural sensation
3 Consumer Reviews

Ford V8 `
Ford. If ford is not a V8 then is a not a ford anymore. Its not worthy to be even called a ford, it must always have a V8 as its powerplant
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A drive that defines. `
Mustang comes with 2 variants for the asian market, the 2.3L and 5.0L options. This review is on the 5.0L GT. Comfort: Unlike the super luxury cars that are made to "Kiss the ground", stock fitted mustang comes at a reasonable height for ladies in dresses to crawl into. Seats are fitted with cooling and heating systems but I remain skeptical on its durability given that our local climate will only require the cool lights and not the red. Reliability It is too early to judge its durability i would suppose any car that survives its purpose with no major issues are considered reliable rides. Been through more than 2200km on the Mustang and I must say it does not come with the most environmental friendly engine. Grab the best rebate/discount card you can get for savings will only come at the pump and not the paddle. 95 is the daily diet, 93 will result in health issues. Handling On par with supercars, the monster comes with 5 modes. Normal, Slippery, Sports, Sports+ and Racetrack. To be very honest, i can tell the differences but would like to caution that the wide bonnet is something to take extra caution about when entering tight lanes. The brakes are very sensitive so you got to be very careful when braking from speeds (above 120km/hr). Overtaking is a walk in the park with its highly responsive engine. Though stating the obvious, the 5.0L engine has no issues overtaking road hulks like long vehicles. Most cars struggle to push from 120-140km/hr but mustang does it with minimal effort. Exterior styling No doubt the best in the market for its range. The exterior makeover from the past was a 10/10. Interior design Aside from the row of airplane-like switches, the interior is pretty much similar to Lexus (in my opinion). Luxurious yet sporty, well balanced. If you are renting a mustang in "Ang mo" Countries, more likely that not you will be expecting the 5.0L GT which will also mean its comes with GPS so save yourself some money by a un-checking the GPS option so you do not pay $20-$30 more per day for something that is embedded on the dashboard. This car is a straight road specialist, an attention seeker anywhere yet quiet on the inside.
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Superb `
I have the very rare opportunity to drive a Mustang convertible in the US last Nov. It came as a surprise and I still think of the car once in a while.
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