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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Nov 2018.
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(launched 2015)

spacer Predecessor BMW 1 Series Hatchback (2011-2015)
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116d (A)
$127,888 (Sep 2018) spacer spacer
25km/L 116 bhp 8-speed (A)
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BMW 1 Series Hatchback Diesel
4 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Facelift - BMW 1 Series Hatchback Diesel 116d (A)
The facelifted BMW 1 Series Hatchback may have lost one cylinder and downsized to a smaller powerplant. But can it outdo its peers with its diesel dominance?
A very smart city car
Decided to return to bimmer club after driving a previous Japanese saloon. Was with wife shopping for a hatch when we bumped into enthusiastic PML salesman trying to highlight the high points of this last rear wheel drive diesel hatch from bravarian auto. 1. Fuel efficiency@1000km per liter; Add this with 40% Saving from mainstream petrol cost in sgp 2. Improved sound insulation (inside), and a new refinement over the infamous diesel clattering engine (at least it seems now when new) 3. Thrown in BMW intelligent "Eyes" (front & rear) from PML 4. Extended 2 years warranty@Foc 5. BMW shop voucher etc We locked the deal and the rest is history. So far, have already done 2k mileage with this car. Taken the punchy hatch to NS highway & all the way to Malacca. Proven the mileage can indeed reach 1000km. Happy to also discover that our neighbour country already have few Euro 5 refill establishment. Everything else is nice & complete so far despite its compactness. Inside storage is plentifully smart in design. We can house 6 water bottles at front & side! More than make up the lack of space for passengers which is the only trade off buying this hatch. In a bigger picture, it make sense to own a compact car too in singapore city with our limited road space. So what is not to like? The only caveat is the additional tax premium that adds another $500 on the otherwise supposedly <$1k road tax for a patrol car of similar engine capacity, which is just a tiny tad away from attaining 100% Cost effective equation to owning this car, from my point of view. READ: Maybe the next Euro 6 version will enjoy more rebate?! So the morale of story - need to drive more to offset the higher road tax. Alas, this hatch will not be Euro 6 compatible but it probably make sense to stay put at Euro 5 for time being anyway if there is need to drive up north.
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Most Fun Hatch i have Ever Owned !
BMW badge, proven technology, 3 Cylinder Turbo Engine ! Rear-Wheel Drive ! Whats more to ask ? Got its when COE was low at $11X Awesome Value for Money with 3 year Servicing & Warranty. I moved from a Pure Performance car, to this, and i'm still Loving it. Diesel @ 80 cents giving you a practical mileage of 900km / tank. Really, What's not to like? Costs Next to Nothing. No worries of Going to Malaysia as I've tried BHP's Euro 5 Diesel in my other Car, returning good mileage as well. The Engine in the Efficient Dynamics version is Actually Quiet, will a low Hum and No synonymous Taxi / lorry Rattle compared to previous Diesel engines that were brought in before. Torque is ample at 270Nm and it seems faster than whats declared on paper. Couple your Car with M Performance Bumper & M Grills & Carbon Lip, M Sport 18" Rims, M Performance Brembo 4 pot / 2pot Rear, Super Sprint Legal Exhaust, K&N Intake, H& R Lowering Springs. Race Chip Ultimate you will be pushing 400Nm torque and can give any Gti or r32 a run for their money. Overall understated FANTASTIC CAR !
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Cheapest Beemer out there
New 1 series falls into Cat A COE, which is fantastic news. The cars drives well, engine is nice and punchy especially at lower revs. Its rear-wheel drive meaning cornering is smooth yet fun, feels like a car that wants you to play with it. Styling wise, it's not the most good looking car out there. If anything, it is probably nicer to sit inside of it than to look at it from the outside. The inside is very typical bmw, everything is in the right place, everything works. Not the fanciest interior, but it feels very well put together.
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Sporty little bmw
Nice exterior and styling and at entry level it is a reasonable price Nothing sophisticated inside but comfortable Power at lower rpm is decent with the high torque Noise is acceptable
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