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(launched 2015, facelifted Oct-2020)

spacer Successor Audi Q7 Mild Hybrid (2020-2021)
spacer Predecessor Audi Q7 (2006-2015)
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2.0 TFSI qu Tip 7-Seater (A)
$378,448 spacer Up
$33,700 /yr 10.6km/L 248 bhp 8-speed (A) Tiptronic
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Price updated 21-Oct-2021

Audi Q7
4 stars - based on 6 reviews
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Car Review - Audi Q7 2.0 TFSI quattro Tip 7-Seater (A)
Packing a smaller engine into the same luxurious and comfortable Q7 body means that the Audi Q7 2.0 is lighter on the wallet without being lighter on features.
Great 7 Seater Premium SUV
The Audi Q7 is arguably the best 7 seater premium SUV in the market now. It is comfortable and looks really good. Handling and engine performance are good too. While the car is rather large, it rides and drives like a normal car with good acceleration in Sports Mode. Reliability could be one of Audi's weaker aspects with several friends switching from Audi to Mercedes. Price is slightly high too but with Premium Automobile's warranty support, the peace of mind could be worth it.
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No Apple CarPlay support!
Recently bought from AD the 3L instead of the 2L basic model because the latter is way too basic for the quoted price! However, only to realise that the more expensive 3L did not even support Apple CarPlay! I was very gutted and disappointed. I have assumed that such feature should be a standard at such price, I was so v-e-r-y wrong! Not to mention, the overall buying experience with the AD is less than satisfactory for a German premium brand.
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Fully Featured Q7 with considerations...
Driven this 2x, once at Audi Sport event to try out the Quattro and the other time was driving a friend's one who bought recently. Exterior looks with the new front grills are "FIERCE", bundled with its dynamic matrix LED lights and incorporated with a 2.0L TFSI engine than the predecessor of a drinker at 3.6L or larger one. Interior was packed with features...From having Audi Virtual Cockpit where you can get almost any info you can think of. The 3rd row seats have an automated feature to release and lift back, a good to have for a big car like this. The panaromic sunroof is a good one with full glass design too. The 3rd row seats can be a little crampy if you fit in adults. The drive off was smooth but feels a little lag when attempted to push the engine compared to the new T5 XC 90 (with Thor lights). Cornering was superb with the Quattro drivetrain built-in but seems turbo kicks in pretty slow compare to the new XC 90. Overall, its a luxury 7 seater SUV to have but if you are considering this same price but with more POWER, perhaps you can look at XC 90 instead.
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Nice SUV
Tried the 2.0 Q7, found it to be a really enjoyable and usable car. It looks very nice n the outside. The interior is high quality, spacious as well. It is also full of technological features, didn't manage to really try everything but its an impressive suite. the car also drives very nicely. Despite being very big, i found it easy to drive, with good power from the engine. The suspension is good, not overly soft like some other SUVs. Refined too, as the noise level on the inside is very minimal.
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