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(launched 2015)

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2.0 R-Dynamic S (A)
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- 13.6km/L 247 bhp 8-speed (A) Jaguar Sequential Shift
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Price updated 01-Mar-2024

Jaguar XF
4 stars - based on 4 reviews
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BMW 5 Series 528i vs Jaguar XF 2.0 vs Lexus GS Turbo 2.0
Lexus joins the turbocharged bandwagon and its new GS Turbo takes the executive sedan fight to its European rivals, the BMW 5 Series 528i and the Jaguar XF.

The Jaguar XF was facelifted on Feb 2023.
Read our review of the facelifted version.

4 Consumer Reviews

Cut-price Bentley/Range Rover that is a steal. Blends luxury with performance. `
Test drove the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E Class and Audi A6 for comparison. Wasn't difficult to land on the revised Jaguar XF. Best steering of the lot - great on center stability and precise, even if it's not the last word on feel (most feel out of the models tested here). 250bhp outruns the base models of the others - but the 8 speed ZF is optimised for smooth shifts rather than hard sporty ones. Cornering is where this luxury executive saloon shines - grips and handles like it's on rails allowing me to surprise my fair share of WRXs and STIs who tried tailgating me only to see my taillights on the bends unable to keep up. At the same time, shift it into Comfort mode and this becomes a nice relaxed cruiser on your way home from work - the active noise canceling system making the cabin hushed quiet and the compliant suspension soaking up the bumps with ease. NVH is excellent. The interior of the XF was its weakest point pre 2021 facelift. With that facelift, it's become a really nice place to be in. Almost Bentley like with no hard plastics. Open pore wood and leather everywhere. Many of the same design cues, layout and material as the much more expensive latest Range Rover that just arrived on our shores. This will be a keeper especially as Jaguar plans to phase out all ICE models and the XF will likely be discontinued by 2025. Reliability flawless so far (since January 2022). Judging from my previous Jag XE which I owned for five years (no out of pocket expenses except for new tires), I would keep it for a long time.
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A Comfortable , Capacious And Attractive Car `
I have owned a Jaguar XF for almost 7 years. I must say the XF is quick , quiet and spacious. The back seat and the trunk are roomy. It definitely delivers the excitement , composure and the comfort. The transmission provides smoother acceleration and delivers better fuel economy and fewer emissions , in tandem with the start/stop system. Selective drive modes , change gears manually via steering mounted paddles setting cruise speed with your thumb. The cabin architecture is clean and unfussy , illuminated sill tread plates and window controls add to the haloed ambience. The touch infotainment system provides full command over a wealth of features including audio , climate and navigation. A distinctive design enhanced by a dynamic drive and the latest technologies. The lightweight front double wishbone and the rear integral link suspension work together to bring up the level of ride comfort and handling. A press on the start button and the engine purrs to life , opening up air conditioning vents , rises up gear knob and the big cat shakes off its slumber. Just a touch to wake this cat up ! This car is designed to do anything at the flick of a finger or the mere touch of it. From shifting gears to engaging the parking brakes to switching on the cabin lights.
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The POWER Packed Cat that PURRssss ... `
Test drove this new larger version of XE.... First looks, its has the exact curves and contour of the XE, except that this XF has larger wheelbase, longer and wider body than its little sibling. The 18 inches wheels matches perfectly, not really a need to upgrade further. Electric tailgate is standard compared to the earlier XF that doesn't have at all. The boomerang LED DRL looks smart which is the Jags new signature look, similar to other makes having their own. Interior is a semi luxury version of the upcoming facelift of XJ. Fine and smooth leather seatings as standard The 8 inches screen which comes with navigation serves as a clear view for any on the road to watch the road as well as the map for directions (even that the map talks back to you). Electric seats are standard which comes with passengers too (if I didn't recall wrongly) which is cool. The rear seats are reclined nicely to fit us, Asians back for better comfort, similar to XE where its definitely nice to sit on for long drives + perhaps a short nap. The drive....When you START the engine, the quietness of the cat purrs smoothly where you may think "Power not there?", try revving a little and you will feel the punch of the 240 horses rushing to go forward. This cat with 240 horses is certainly comes with good power, pickup is almost instantaneous compared to its smaller sibling. Cornering is EXCELLENT I must say despite its longer and wider body. Jag also considered many safety features that I must say is a good consideration to city driving like here. Overall, if you want power and luxury, this is the car, XF to get in comparison to his competitors like Mercedes E200, BMW 5 series or Audi A6.
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A refined drive. `
Took some time to test drive the new Jaguar XF, and i found it to be a very refined drive. looks wise, the jag shares a lot of similarities to the rest of the jag family, so the familiar lines are all there. Its still a handsome looking car. Inside, its all very sensible, although not super luxurious by any account. the car is a bit of a head-scratcher to drive. On one hand, the engine can be a bit of a turn off. There's a noticable engine drone at low speeds especially, and the engine isn't particularly 'fun' by any account. Although i suppose it wasn't made for that. On the other hand, the rest of the car is superb. The ride is super comfortable, handling feels good. All in all a good, refined car that could do with a sweeter engine.
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