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9.9km/L 385bhp
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7.8km/L 503bhp
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Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class
3.5 stars - based on 9 reviews
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Best in its class
Tested many other brands at the same class like X3, F-Pace, Land-Rover and NX before I bought the new facelift GCL200. For instant a close friend of mine bought X3 at the same time, his first comment when set in the cabin was one notch higher in term of quality and quietness. Great product and proven for many years. Love this car!
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Super loud aircon fan & warm cabin
Bought the facelifted GLC200 model. The aircon fan noise was super loud in which my friend who drove in another car in front of me can heard it. The cabin temperature was warm after drove and parked under sheltered. Disappointed with the quantity of this GLC.
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It's either this or the new X3
Been a fan of this car since it's launch in 15 and has been contemplating to change to it. Main reason not doing so is the same as many others. Old car loan still a big factor... Finally the W212 is reaching it's 7th year and loan coming to an end. It's time to start looking for an SUV as the E class is starting to croak. And I am not young anymore as climbing in and out of a saloon is starting to strain my knees. Went for a few test drives among the SUV models and it all a fair fight between this car and the new X3...Would love to buy an MACAN, CAYENNE or even better the URUS. But realistically, my pockets is quite shallow. The X3 is quieter, more powerful and NEW.. With LED dashboard all in etc... The GLC200 facelift model will take some time before coming to our shores but it gives me a good sense of reliability, which is important to me as it will be driven by the missus. All in all, had a chat with my CFO and she gave the green light on the GLC200.. Thus will be waiting for it's delivery around July... Any longer I will have no car to drive cos Road tax and Insurance due in July...
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Brand new GLC sent to workshop twice in less than a month!
After viewing a few continental SUV, I finally settled for the GLC and bought it from C&C and was delivered to me in March'19. It seems like I've made a bad choice. After 1 week my car stalled and had to be tow back to workshop. I was informed that the "Accelerator module" Was faulty and need to be replaced. After 2 weeks out from the workshop, my car engine vibrate and engine warning signal showed up. Car was again towed back to workshop. Guess my expectation on MB reliability has dropped significantly.
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