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Mitsubishi Space Star is a fuss-free car to drive

Restyled Mitsubishi Attrage unveiled

Restyled Mitsubishi Attrage to be unveiled

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(launched 2017, facelifted Jun-2020)

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1.2 CVT Style (A)
$80,999 spacer Down
$7,800 /yr 21.2km/L 79bhp INVECS III CVT
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Price updated 11-May-2021

Mitsubishi Space Star
3 stars - based on 6 reviews
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Facelift - Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 CVT Style (A)
The Mitsubishi Space Star has been refreshed, bringing about various styling enhancements as well as a suite of new convenience features.
Value! Value! Value!
Went for a test drive of the vehicle and was pleasantly surprised by the space in the tiny package. This however also emphasized the spartan state of the interior. When they said it was fuss-free.. It really means it's not for the fussy. Moving off I had the biggest revelation. Being almost agricultural, the vibrations and idol and drone from the engine makes for a very un-enthusiastic and strained start. Almost felt like I was hurting the engine trying to push it over the speed hump. Maybe a tad bit of exaggeration there but it really is quite a stark contrast with a similar vehicle that I tried earlier that day. On the upside, 6 airbags. Which is quite the assurance needed considering the vibe from the vehicle. Think it was hard not to reconsider the vehicle especially for those on a keen budget or looking to downsize. However can't help but look over at the Attrage at the showroom floor. Awkward boot aside, it has that added space for when needed.
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Fuel saving and economy car that suitable for Singaporean
A small Japanese car affordable and economy to your wallet , most importantly Mitsubishi is a well known market brand that you can stick to
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If you want practicality on a budget, then this car is for you.
Caveat-never tested this car before so I gave average for handling and engine performance. I came upon this car during the Cars@Expo. Before I sat into the car, I was told that this is a very spartan and basic car. However, I was pleasantly surprised as this car was not at all spartan as it has many features that are not supposed to be found on budget cars like this.
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Affordable and stylish
The design of the Space Star immediately caught my eye in the showroom. It has LED lights and looks so much better than the Attrage. Fuel economy is incredible on this thing and it is easy to park. One of the many advantages of getting a small car over a big one. I also love the car's strong air con. This could be due to its size but I can get into the car on a hot afternoon and cool down within minutes. Great bang for the buck.
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