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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Jan 1970.
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spacer Built in Germany (launched 2016)
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spacer Predecessor BMW X1 (2010)
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3.5 stars - based on 19 reviews
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Audi Q3 1.4 TFSI S tronic S Line vs BMW X1 sDrive20i M Sport
Two German compact crossover stalwarts, the new Audi Q3 and the facelifted BMW X1, duke it out for segment supremacy.
Audi Q3
Better equipment and high cabin quality
Slightly more spacious cabin and boot
Comfortable and pliant ride
2.0-litre engine delivers ample power
More agile and sporty to drive
Smooth and seamless gearbox
19 Consumer Reviews

Its a great car... when it works... `
Drove this X1 for almost 4yrs... This last year alone I have sent it to the shop for issues/repairs 7 times. Its a good car if it works. But the 3 cylinder engine simply can't sustain for long. Suggest drive it till the warranty end then change it. Can see this being an liability post warranty. Sad because it had so many other positive things going for it. Enjoy it while it can last!
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Nice car but let down by PML's lacklustre aftersales service `
BMW u need to thank PML for getting this low rating. Just like the rest of BMW lineup, the X1 shines in handling and ride ( ditch the 18" , change to 17" And u will know what I mean). However the ownership is let down by PML which provide awful aftersales service. One of the key issues with this car is very bad idling vibration for the F48 model which I owned. I had highlighted this to PML everytime during servicing but they failed to rectify this issue. They pointed out that it was caused by the engine mount which they changed but the problem still did not go away. I also had to leave my car with them for nearly 1 month when they failed to resolve the ball bearing issue for my car. It was until I was recommended by my friend, who also owns a X1 to try BIS Automobiles, also an approved workshop by BMW (which mean they will honour any warranty and servicing given by BMW when u purchase any BMW. The warranty and free servicing is given by BMW not PML) that the idling vibration problem was finally resolved. This means that I had been forced to live with this issue for the past 3 yrs when it could be resolved by BIS in 1 servicing if I had brought my X1 to BIS back then. I own this car for 3 yrs and only now that I get to enjoy the car after 3 yrs! Moreover I was served within 15 mins when I dropped and collected my car in BIS compared to the long wait time at PML. Since then I decided not to send my car to PML anymore. PML really need to improve on their mechanics' skillset! Just download the My BMW app instead of the BMW Performance app and u can find all the other approved workshops apart from PML. In my opinion My BMW app is a better app than BMW Performance app as it has a host of different additional useful features than the BMW Performance app.
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Most reliable car I've owned! `
I purchased BMW X1 in Aug 2021 which is a facelifted model with an outstanding grill and gives a look like BMW X3. Cool interior color changing lights.
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Good handling front wheel driven, practical SUV for small family `
I must say the ride and handling department of BMW is key to X1's success - it feel firm and stable, even comparing it with previous AWD Japanese suv that i've owned for many years. Good overall package considering its near to end of its model lifespan. Good thing it could be more reliable given 4-5 years in production. Satisfied with the exterior of 2020 model with improved head and tail lights. The center infotainment screen is high definition with physical idrive knobs/buttons, which i use 99% Of the time even it supports touch screen and very responsive. My main complaint will be the analog instrument cluster compared with its rivals (2021 GLA, Q3). It lacks some active safety features that can be found in most 2021 new cars. The steering wheel is physically blocking the indicator LED for engine start/stop function, it just annoys me when i need to check the status of the function if i forgot to turn off during engine start. Vibration from 3 cyl engine when starting engine. It is smooth during acceleration, normal drive and idle.
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