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1.8 (A)
$159,888 (Sep 2020) spacer
27km/L 121 bhp CVT (A)
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Toyota Prius Hybrid
4.5 stars - based on 7 reviews
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Car Review - Toyota Prius Hybrid 1.8 (A)
With a lofty goal of changing the world once more, can the all new Toyota Prius be the car that leads the hybrid pack? We find out...
Comparison - Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid 1.6 GLS vs Toyota Prius Hybrid 1.8
The Unique & Classy Prius
The Toyota Prius had set a new benchmark in the luxury hybrid car segment. The new Toyota Prius has been upgraded in terms of performance parameters and styling features. The exteriors feature new LED headlamps and fog lamps with daytime running lights. The new interior features introduced in this model include a multi-information instrument cluster with a head-up display and a new touchscreen display music system with 10 speakers.
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Rides well and reliable
Have driven this car for 1 year covering over 35,000 kms. Pros: 1.) Good handling and pretty good ride comfort. 2.) Passengers compliment comfort being very near to a Camry model. 3.) Extremely good fuel economy. Averaging 28 kms per litre over 35,000 kms. 4.) Zero mechanical issues, incl the hybrid battery. 5.) Torque is adequate for overtaking. 6.) CVT gear shift is seamless and engine is extremely silent. 7.) Driver seat visibility is great. Cons: 1.) Nothing to complain of, other than it's a popular car being used for Grab and Uber. So is Mercedes a perennial choice of premier taxi operators worldwide.
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4th Gen vs 2nd Gen Prius
Being driving the 4th Gen Prius with Toyota Sense for the last 3 months which replaced my scrapped 2nd Gen Prius. Everything is a quantum improvement over the 2nd Gen which have served 190,000+ km for the last 10 years. Don't get me wrong as the I did consider renewing the COE for another 10 years as we loved it to bits with the excellent fuel consumption of 20 km/l, reliability, refinement, and the original hybrid battery was still going strong. The 4th Gen is averaging 27 km/l, and frequently over 30 km/l. It's quieter, ride is better & more comfortable, more spacious & handling is sharper (rear double wishbones). The throttle is set-up for pulse gliding which is a way to drive to maximise FC. The electric motor is stronger & cruising at 70+ km/h without the ICE is easily achievable. Better still, if one masters the two-footed driving ie left leg on the brake, the modulation ensures a super smooth driving. The seating position is lower unlike the 2nd Gen which is more upright. Surprisingly, because of this, it makes you look further up ahead & aids in anticipatory driving. The Toyota Sensing package comes with dynamic cruise control, lane departure & emergency braking. DCC is an absolute delight to cruise with even on our congested expressways. The other safety features like 8 airbags, VSC are std. Running costs is considerable lower than normal cars as my Gen 2 used only 3 lead acid 12 V batteries, need not change the front brake pads, changed only a pair of front shocks, two water pumps (one under warranty), one blown headlamp besides tyres & wiper blades. Gen 4 would be similar or better. Most of all, it's the refinement when running on electric. Better still, do the car up with a bit of sound insulation. The CVT is also quieter & works well when used with pulse gliding. The electric/eco/normal/sports mode toggle allows one to enjoy the car in it's various intended mode.
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Very impressive fuel economy
Although the Prius is now very popular because of Uber and taxi companies, it is still a very impressive car. Can get an average of 25km/L with just normal driving. If drive carefully can get even better. It is also very smooth and quiet, and quite well-specced. Got head-up display, Bluetooth, heated seats and cruise control.
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