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spacer Built in Germany (launched 2016, facelifted Jan-2020)
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spacer Predecessor BMW 7 Series (2012-2015)
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14.3km/L 326bhp
Specs | Features 
14.3km/L 326bhp
Specs | Features 
12.7km/L 335bhp
Specs | Features 

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BMW 7 Series
4 stars - based on 2 reviews
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Awesome Bimmer  
Drove the new bmw 7 series, i was very impressed by the level of comfort and luxury. The car is very spacious and decked out in super high levels of quality. It's quite fun to play with all the lights and massaging seats and what not. I like that the passenger at the back has an ipad that can control many of the vehicle's settings as well. The leg room at the back is beyond generous. the car is also super comfortable to drive, soaks up all the bumps in the road very well. The eco mode can feel quite lacklustre in terms of trying to get up to speed, with not much low end torque, but that's understandable. I like that at low speeds the steering is light, making it easy to negotiate turns. The engine is nice and quiet, there is turbo lag but again, i'm not too surprised, also considering how big and heavy the car is. overall, its a really high quality, luxurious and comfortable car.
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Feature packed BMW  
The new bmw 7 series is a complex car, there is no escaping that. It's packed full with technology, and there's so many things going on. Before even getting in there's a cool smartphone like key, and once you get in you are surrounded by a ton of technology. driving the car, its hard to escape its sheer size. That being said, the car actually drives well. The engine is smooth and powerful, road handling is assured. Steering is light, which helps to conceal the cars size. the interior is quite well decked out as well, comfortable, and surrounded by lots of gizmos. Didnt have time to even go through maybe 20% Of them. I suspect its a car thats nicer sitting in the rear than behind the steering wheel.
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