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(launched 2016)

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2.7 7-Seater (A)
$176,988 (May 2017) spacer
9.3km/L 163bhp 6-speed (A) Super ECT
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2.7 7-Seater (A)
$190,888 (Jan 2021) spacer
9.3km/L 164bhp 6-speed (A) Super ECT
Specs | Features 
Toyota Fortuner
4 stars - based on 3 reviews
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Car Review - Toyota Fortuner 2.7 (A)
The new Toyota Fortuner is a commanding beast of a seven-seater that grants you confidence and luxurious comfort as you lord over other vehicles on the road.
The MONSTER in Town!!!  
When I first saw this MONSTER at Borneo showroom, I felt in love with it at the first sight. It is a handsome MONSTER!!! Sitting in the driver seat gives me the "I am above ALL" Feeling, esp. When I can "Look down" At fellow SUVs stopping beside it. Reading many reviews help me understands that this is a petrol guzzling MONSTER, and its near 2 tonnes weight doesn't help either. The very short test drive with the MONSTER was a disappointment with rather sluggish drive (since I wasn't able to ramp the engine harder on the normal roads around Leng Kee Rd showroom) and the ride was more bumpy than normal. I pondered for a while, but finally decided to buy it as I need a 7-Seater to replace my existing 7-Seater SUV from another Japanese brand. Also, knowing that Toyota is a more reliable brand (as I've owned a few previously) helped making the decision easier. I was kind of worried about the engine performance, in terms of power and ride comfort at first. However, after driving the MONSTER for a while, I can say this...The MONSTER's power is more than adequate. Getting out of ECO mode, a power boost will kick-in within a second after ramping my foot down. The MONSTER is capable of overtaking any car at will, esp. With its intimidating presence on the road, bullying smaller cars to make way. When I put it into PWR mode, the overtaking can be made even easier. As for ride comfort, although it is admit-tingly bumpy, the stable drive on expressways can easily help us get over it. Handling around bends and corners is much better than my previous Japanese brand 7-Seater SUV. As for the passengers, both the 2nd and 3rd rows are also more spacious than any other Asian SUVs available in the market, with more than adequate leg and head rooms. The 3rd row can even seats 3pax (my maid + 12yr old + 10yr old kids) rather comfortably on rides within any Singapore travel distances. All in all, so long as you can live with its more than normal petrol guzzling, riding in the Toyota Fortuner will make you feel like the KING of the road. No doubt, I am very happy with it.
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The Seven-Seat Off-Roader SUV  
The car looks a brute and still somehow exudes the class of being a premium vehicle. This is one vehicle you cannot ignore when it powers down the road, scaring off men in little Japanese hatches to give way to a bigger brother. The Fortuner has got a much needed makeover along with some changes to the interior as well as other internals. At 4705mm in length, 1840mm in width and 1850mm in height, the Toyota Fortuner is a what you call massive.
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