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Honda Jade 1.5 RS VTEC Turbo (A) Review

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since May 2018.
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(launched 2016)

spacer Predecessor Honda Stream (2007-2014)
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1.5 RS VTEC Turbo (A)
$115,999 (May 2018) spacer
15.6km/L 148 bhp Earth Dreams CVT (A)
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Honda Jade
4 stars - based on 7 reviews
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Honda Jade 1.5 RS VTEC Turbo (A) Review
Although Honda claims the new Jade RS seats six, it is more comfortable holding four. The car however, compensates for this by driving quite nicely.
7 Consumer Reviews

Sporty and comfortable `
Was deciding between HR-V/Vezel, CR-V Kia Caren/Niro, Nissan Sienta/Qasqai, Civic 1.5 among others. Happened to test drive Jade at KM, liked it and bought the very last Cobalt Blue version. As of May 2018, Honda have stop selling Jade RS in Singapore. So far enjoying it especially the drive, handling and sound proofing. Jade RS is also sold by Honda HK; There are a couple of video reviews at https://www.Honda.Com.Hk/index.Php/tc/models/jade-rs-2016
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Sporty MPV unique in its category `
Read all the reviews here about Honda Jade RS, some which I disagree. The Jade is able to summon its horses much better than its predecessor, Stream, which I drove the 2.0l version. You need to check if you are in the "S"Ports mode or "D"Rive mode. In addition, did you turn on "Start/stop" And Econ features? Both this will tone down your acceleration and responsiveness in exchange for better FC. I've personally switched to "S" And drag the gear using paddle shift to over 5,000 rpm and went toe-on-toe with a Subaru Rex. The complains about 4-seat or lack of boot space is again... Perspective. To me, the Jade offers flexibility, especially if you have a family size of >5 (6 to be exact). The rear seats can be folded down. Unlike Stream, where the whole rear seats were folded, the Jade can be folded one rear seat at a time. When seating 5, the last seat *is* boot space. You can't achieve that with a 5-seater. You don't have the flexibility to convert boot space to a seat and vice versa. The Jade RS is designed as a performance, compact MPV (station wagon) rather than a comfort MPV. That has been addressed by the Odyssey. The cheaper alternative is the Mobilo. Good sound proofing, good build quality (made in Japan; Even better than Civic). A light-footer will see >14km/l on a 70% Highway/30% City drive. Heavy footers will see >12km/l. In summary, the Jade is designed at a very specific target audience where you need to move more than 5 people at times, but less than 7. The main draw is its performance, which could easily top any MPV in its category. No other MPV will come close to the Jade... Literally. NOTE: The Honda Jade RS rims are specially designed to reduce noise. There's a reason why it came stock with Yokohama dB tires (further noise reduction).
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Quiet and stable ride `
Good day, Drove this ride for 3 months. Test drive several other cars like 308sw, HRV, shuttle hybrid, qasqai 1.2and 2L, kia caren, Forester, XV, opel astra Tourer, civic 1.5T, CLA180.
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Doesn't drive like an MPV! `
I was initially considering Kia Carens 1.7 CRDi, Toyota Wish 1.8, Kia Niro, Honda Civic 1.5T before diving in on a Honda Jade RS 1.5T There is nothing wrong with all vehicles I have shortlisted and considered except they either sit 5 or 7, handles like a sedan or like a van. The Kia Carens 1.7 CRDi's power was exceptional whereas the Wish's interior space is more usable. Since i eventually deduce I may need the extra seats, the Kia Niro and Civic are set aside, they have their interesting points and I liked both of them. I did find the new Kia models very impressively built. The Honda Jade RS seems to be in the middle between all my shortlisted candidates. It drives like a sedan - deceiving nimble and agile handling masks it's true size and length, longer than that of a toyota wish or kia carens. It never seems to run out of steam when you floor the accelerator. the 7-speed CVT may take some fun out of the drive but does provide the car with smooth usable power that seems linear and never ending (well, in our roads lol!) I did considered the Hybrid variant of the jade. However, CEVs rebates actually increase the vehicle depreciation and unfortunately for me, i never drive enough milage to cover the extra depreciation. (PARF = X%[ARF - CEVS] etc...) ps: although the Jade was originally designed for the chinese domestic market, the Jade RS and Jade Hybrid models in Singapore are japanese made models. could have written more but i figure it is time to sleep...
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