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(launched 2016, facelifted Jan-2019)

spacer Predecessor Honda Civic (2012-2016)
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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Fuel Economy Power Transmission Detailed Info
1.6 i-VTEC (A)
$93,999 spacer Up
$8,400 /yr 14.9km/L 123bhp Earth Dreams CVT (A)
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1.6 i-VTEC LX (A)
$96,999 spacer Up
- 14.9km/L 123bhp Earth Dreams CVT (A)
Specs | Features 
1.5 VTEC Turbo (A)
$119,999 spacer Up
$10,600 /yr 16.9km/L 170bhp Earth Dreams CVT (A)
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Price updated 06-Aug-2020

Honda Civic
4 stars - based on 51 reviews
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Car Review - Honda Civic 1.6 i-VTEC (A)
26 Sep 2016  |  Honda Reviews
With its combination of comfort, practicality, daily usability and sweet driveability, the new Civic 1.6 hopes to recapture the hearts of Singapore drivers.

The Honda Civic was facelifted on Jan 2019. Read more

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Honda Civic 1.6 i-VTEC LX (A) vs Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSI Ambition Plus (A)
Still a decent car despite the minor iss...  
Got the 2017 honda civic and owned it for ~2 years before selling it off. It handles great round corners and sits really low, which gives off that sporty feeling. It's easy to drive and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, the fuel consumption is less than desirable. On paper it's 14.9km/L, sales advisor said it's more around 13km/L. The car computer calculates it at around 11.5km/L but when i manually calculate it (distance divided by petrol topped up), i get about 10km/L. This is given that i'm not the most heavy footed person. There's also not many safety features on the 1.6NA (2 airbags) and at the price point i believe that there are much more value-for-money offerings out there. I personally just got the Mazda 6 as had better value (paid about 4k more as of June 2020). While there were no major problems with the car, i faced minor quality issues (probably due to the fact that it's Thai built and not from Japan). Issue 1: Within 3 months I faced a loud clunking sound whenever i jacked the seat down. 2 service advisors told me it was 'perfectly normal'. Had to write a letter of complain and f them before they resolved the issue. Issue 2: Something was loose in the front passenger seat and rattles when no one seats on it. Kah motor tested it and said it was fine - most definitely not but since i was selling it off i didnt bother with it Issue 3: The paint was so thin that even my finger nails could cause a visible scratch. I would send my car for yearly coatings as well so i believe the issue could lie with the paint layers. With the current generation Civic in its 5th year, its appeal has weakened rather dramatically and while the Honda Civic remains a reliable car overall, there are some shortcomings to consider. I recommend shortlisting this car.
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Great Car for First Time Buyers  
Have always been in love with the civic since I was a boy and finally managed to purchase it in Nov 19! I bought the 1.6NA as I read that there were a number of issues with the 1.5T. Was looking for a reliable car with little problems. Compared this car with the Mazda 3, Kia Cerato, Nissan Slyphy and Toyota Altis. Here are my thoughts. Mazada 3 - Really plush cabin and refined. But I do find it a tad to cramp when I set the front seat to my driving position and tried to sit behind. Sitting 3 abreast is challenging too. Engine performance feels wanting. Kia Cerato - Value for money. It has every bell and whistle but I do wonder how often I would use all the features. The drive feels normal, nothing to shout out about. Nissan Slyphy - Point A to B car in summary. But I dont like it as it is a little 'uncle'. Pardon me if this offense anyone, it is my 2 cents. Toyota Altis - At that point, the new altis was not launched in sg yet. So this would be comparing it with the previous gen. It is a really comfortable car but i think I would only want this when I am a little older. Honda Civic - I may be biased but I do like the looks, the drive feel and instrument cluster. It is still a bread and butter car but it takes the corners slightly better than the rest (that being said the Mazda 3 is quite good too in this department). However, it cannot be all good right? I'll list it down below.
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