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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since May 2020.
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- 15km/L 116bhp
Specs | Features 
- 15km/L 116bhp
Specs | Features 
Toyota C-HR
3.5 stars - based on 6 reviews
Photos & Reviews
Hyundai Kona 1.6 GLS Turbo vs Subaru XV 2.0i-S vs Toyota C-HR 1.2 Turbo
Is the quicker Hyundai Kona able to compete against its Japanese rivals, the Subaru XV and the Toyota C-HR, in terms of overall quality and refinement?
Expressive styling
Most powerful and most fun to drive
Interior and ride quality isn't as great
Most spacious
Cheapest car to buy of the three
Great balance between practicality and price
Most safety features thanks to EyeSight
Most appealing interior
Feels like the smallest car to be in
Most refined and comfortable to drive
6 Consumer Reviews

Funky and high quality Jap crossover `
Never thought I'd own a C-HR. Glad I went for the 1.2 turbo version as it is more engaging to drive compared to the Hybrid version. Yes the fuel economy isn't as good but for normal drives and overtaking on expressways, the Turbo version fares better. Highly specced and high ARF of 33k for the Luxury Variant is also more attractive than PI models. Cheap road tax as well. Great build quality from a Toyota, just like a mini Harrier. Definitely a step up from the Vios and Corolla. Sound-proofing is decent at low speeds, better than the usual Jap bread and butter sedans but tyre noise gets more apparent above 130km/h. Fuel consumption is average at 12-13km/l. This is not a car for families with kids as the rear is claustrophobic for kids and shorter people. The boot on the Borneo unit is also smaller (317L) as it comes with a spare wheel.
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Horrible design considerations, in favour of looking stylish and this leads to a... `
Horrible car design. Surely its designers are only bothered about it having cool looks and that's it, not bothering about their functionality and practicality. Driving wise the C-HR is fine just like most other cars in the market of similar costs. However, for passengers whom seat at the rear row, it is VERY HORRIBLE. The window curveline of the rear door is just SICKENING AND HORRIBLE. This resulted in the window being EXTREMELY SMALL, making the interior dark and hence unpleasant, not allowing passengers to have a clear view during commutes especially on PHV services. I've to really condemn this knowing that most Toyota cars are well-designed and practical. But for the C-HR I really don't know what on earth are they doing to the C-HR. SILLY TOYOTA, LOOK WHAT YOU DID.
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Polarising looks , gutless engine `
This is a muscular car with an imposing road presence. The looks are polarising and not to everyone's taste. I personally liked it but I doubt the styling is going to age well. The striking exterior presence is somewhat of a double edged sword. It looks athletic and is probably styled to look different from the pack but when you have hundreds or even thousands of c-hrs roaming the island on a daily basis, it quickly loses its visual impact. If anything it looks more like a high riding taxi. Like taxis, there are plenty of these on the road. Cars like the Mazda 3 are pleasing and have an age defying design language that is classy without coming across screaming, which means even though Mazda is one of the most popular models around it never overloads your senses to the point of nausea. The C-HR's gutless engine doesn't gel with its muscular looks, and I'm guessing its drivers largely belong to a segment that prioritizes form over function. It's not an SUV in any traditional sense. Boot space is not fantastic and ground clearance is average. The higher hip point is about the only characteristic that is more SUV-like. If you can look past its SUV and athletic pretensions this is a highly refined ride with a load of safety features. Build quality is good and there is a hint of lexus in there. Fuel consumption is fantastic, largely thanks to an underpowered engine. Overall, the c-hr does the job pretty well as a city vehicle, and I suspect that is enough for most Singapore drivers.
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1.2 is big no no `
Extremely underpowered which might be good for this car considering how noisy it is at high speeds. Handling is terrible. Even larger cx-9 is slightly better so don't even need to compare cx-3. Bumpy ride and claustrophobic interior is extremely displeasing to motion sickness passengers.
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