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2.0 Premium (A)
$139,888 spacer spacer
$12,100 /yr 13.1km/L 227bhp 6-speed (A) Super ECT
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Price updated 21-Mar-2020

Toyota Harrier
3.5 stars - based on 15 reviews
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Car Review - Toyota Harrier 2.0 Premium (A)
08 Aug 2017  |  Toyota Reviews
What's the big deal with the Toyota Harrier? As we find out, it's because the car is deeply impressive and legitimately capable.
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Mazda CX-5 2.5 vs Toyota Harrier 2.0 vs Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0
Little brother of Lexus NX  
Same engine and platform as Lexus NX, but at a lower price. The difference does not stop there, however this is not a comparison report, so let's get to the good and bad about the new harrier turbo. Finally a turbo car from toyota a different shift in mindset at last. The suv looks pretty good looking, if it's mod with after market body kit would look nice. Interior is pretty standepard Toyota laid out, nothing fancy, typical head unit. It could do better on the interior if it wants to win the competition. 2 liter engine is good enough for the size and weight, but don't exepct a rocket pocket. On the roads it can hold its own when it needs to over take. Comes with safety sensing features, which is common on days with Honda also. What I do t like is the shift stick which seems seems too tall, should make it lower and sportier.
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Comparing the Harrier against the New Ra...  
Test drove the Harrier back to back against the new Rav4. Although the engine is more powerful then the 2.0NA Rav4, it lacks the punch from the 2.0T engine. On paper, the harrier looks impressive, but when driving, the car does not really matches up. Both the interior and exterior starts to look dated when comparing to the other newer models in the market. Infotainment system is also starting to look old. However, if you are looking for a reliable workhorse that will last the entire COE period without the need for major repairs, this car is definitely suitable for you.
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