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2.0 Premium (A)
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$14,000 /yr 13.1km/L 227bhp 6-speed (A) Super ECT
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Price updated 19-Nov-2020

Toyota Harrier
4 stars - based on 17 reviews
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Car Review - Toyota Harrier 2.0 Premium (A)
08 Aug 2017  |  Toyota Reviews
What's the big deal with the Toyota Harrier? As we find out, it's because the car is deeply impressive and legitimately capable.
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Mazda CX-5 2.5 vs Toyota Harrier 2.0 vs Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0
Very competent SUV  
Having owned the Harrier Turbo for seven months, I feel that it is the right time to give a review of the car from a user's point of view. It is a very competent car - powerful, spacious, easy to handle and with a decently premium feel to it. I was drawn to the car because of its 8AR-FTS engine, which it shares with the Lexus NX. It is a twin-scroll turbo, reputed to provide a smooth swell of pulling power without turbo lag. Having driven a turbo-charged SUV before the Harrier, I totally agree that turbo lag is the most irritating feeling to have when a car is picking up. This is totally absent in the Harrier - or at least you don't feel it at all. Under normal driving conditions, the normal driving mode is more than adequate to pull the 1.7 tonne SUV along. When push comes to shove, the Sports mode does a fantastic job in overtaking or merging into the expressway lanes. The Harrier is big and comfortable. Japanese built quality all-around without the heavy teutonic feel of German marques. Piloting it is quite hassle free. The only complaint is that being a fairly tall SUV, it suffers from a little body roll when cornering. The steering is well-weighted and responsive. Driving controls are well-placed at where they should be. The cabin is well insulated from the hum of normal traffic. Perhaps I am rather heavy with my right foot, or because I drive in almost 100% City conditions, average consumption is about 10 km/litre. Not too impressive when compared to its claimed consumption figures. Maintenance and reliability wise - it's a Toyota, so I would expect it to last. What remains to be seen is its running cost when the 50k free servicing and 5 year warranty are up.
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Feels more premium than the price tag!  
I bought this car in Jan 2019, after previously having driven a 2012 Touareg. Took a test drive with the missus, and has never looked back. Price point was impossible to beat in its class, given the 2.0 turbo engine that is basically a slightly detuned Lexus turbo engine (227bhp vs. 234 bhp), and its interior quietness. I was taken aback by the quietness in the interior. This quietness level is very similar to a Lexus, and surprisingly beats VW and BMW that I have previously owned. You almost cant hear any road noise from the outside. Very impressive! The handling is not the best, but the power is more than sufficient for Singapore traffic or the occasional Malaysian highways. It picks up really quickly, and feels like any typical European SUVs. The ride quality is also really good. It handles bumps like a big cushy sofa. I have decided to write this review as I see there are a lot of unfair review in this forum. Having owned the Harrier, and test driven the TNGA Rav4, I can attest that the Rav4 is no match in terms of power, ride quality and handling to the Harrier. Just because somebody decided to save money to buy the cheaper but newer Rav4, doesnt give you the right to chime in subjective view to patronize the Harrier by having driven it for 2 mins. My objective conclusion after 18 mths of ownership is the Harrier is a less sporty version of the Lexus NX, but it offers a bigger second row space and trunks, while at the same time saves you $30k. I love how roomy it is, how reliable it has been for me (zero issue so far), the acceleration, and how clean the design is. This car exterior design grows on you overtime - at least it did to me.
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