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(launched 2017)

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T5 Momentum (A)
$236,000 spacer spacer
$21,400 /yr 13.5km/L 250bhp 8-speed (A)
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Price updated 30-Apr-2021

Volvo XC60
4.5 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Car Review - Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design (A)
The second generation Volvo XC60 has arrived, and this Swedish crossover is primed and ready to take on its challengers.
Most value for money luxury SUV in its segment.
Have been driving the XC60 T5 for 4 months. Before buying the XC60, I have tried many other cars in the same segment; X3 20i, GLC300, NX300h, and Q5. The XC60 is priced lower than its competitors in its segment, it provides many more features than its competitors. Being T5 as their lowest level, it still produces 250bhp and 350Nm which I feel is a lot better than the other competitors' lower-tier cars in the segment. Volvo being Volvo provides the same safety features throughout all their cars which I feel is really commendable. XC60 has some features that I feel make it stands out. The adaptive cruise control allows the car to stop and go other than just slow down and speed up. The level 2 semi-auto pilot which I feel is currently one of the better ones in SG. I mean for a 200k ish car in this market compared to the German's cars. You get more than what you pay. Even though it is made in China, but I feel this is the reason why the car is more affordable than others. If it is made in Sweden, I believe the price will be the same as its competitors. I am comparing price-quality to price and quality.
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Living up to its name
Tested the T5. Good looking car. Like the Thor hammer head lights. Interior is good looking too compared to previous generation. The iPad size control panel is a good idea, the only other car that have such a big screen is Tesla, but that looks even better when compared to Volvo's. Interior is comfortable and e epseats are very comfortable, comparable to Lexus seats. Car drive is quiet and comfortable, like the high clear view It provides. The car is heavy at 1.8 tons, even tough it has a powerful 2 liter engine, it can't give you that woah feeling when you accelerate, maybe the T6 is required if you want to feel the acceleration slamming your head against the head rest. Lots of safety features as expected of Volvo. This would be the suv you should drive, unless you want to pay more for a bmw, which may. It be as good as this.
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Modern minimalist design on the safest car in the world!
My AWD ride came with panoramic sunroof, 19" Rims and leather key fob that matched the interior leather. I picked the amber interior and was pleasantly surprised that it matched very well with the pine grey exterior. I was a bit skeptical on the pine grey as i was shown the sample plate in the showroom but it turned out very nicely on the actual car. It was well received by everyone who saw it. The clean, modern exterior is complemented by the minimalist interior which provides more legroom than its predecessor (which I also owned). Oh, btw, did I mention Thor? Safety features are top notch and its what we've come to expect from Volvo. Try out the lane keeping assist when test driving the car and you'll see what I mean. If you liked it, then thats just the tip of the iceberg. There is a slew of other features which have been reviewed to death in other articles all giving this car the thumbs up so i wont go thru those. Ride is comfortable on seats which frankly, are the best when it comes to comfort in the industry. Where you're seated, it feels like you're wrapped in a protective yet comfortable enclosure with a clear view of your surroundings. Controls are in the form of a Sensus touchscreen. There's absolutely ZERO learning curve for this. For anyone who has owned a tablet, you're all set from the word go. Interface is very easy to use and you'll especially like the map which fills up the entire screen giving you clear guidance. Voice recognition also works like a charm and surely Siri has found its match. I also like how you can link a driver profile to each key fob. That way, the car is customized to the driver so there's no need to fiddle with the controls and settings if the previous driver was your spouse/partner. So, in summary, if you're skeptical about all the reviews you've been reading about this car, stop reading them and go test drive this car. Only then will you know fact from fiction.
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Impressive Swedish performer
Quite surprised that a crossover like this is such an impressive performer. The T6 version especially has 320bhp from a 2.0-litre engine! Not only that, but this crossover also drives very well. It handles like a sporty car, and it also has air suspension to adjust the height clearance. Very useful when going over bumps. The interior is also very nice and clean, with a minimalist Scandinavian feel. Quite practical and spacious too.
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