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(launched 2017, facelifted Jun-2021)

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1.2 Turbo Enjoy (A)
$151,500 spacer Up
$15,000 /yr 19.6km/L 129 bhp 6-speed (A)
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Price updated 23-Mar-2023

Opel Crossland
4 stars - based on 6 reviews
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Car Review - Opel Crossland X 1.2 Turbo Innovation (A)
The Opel Crossland X's compact size and 180-degree rear view camera take the stress out of city driving and parking in tight spaces.
What We Dislike
Cabin is a bit plasticky
Not particularly comfortable on long drives
6 Consumer Reviews

Excellent SUV `
Test drived this compact SUV and fell in love with it as compared to Honda shuttle and Toyota Raize. Have all the safety features, front and rear camera, park assist and many more with a price below $100k. Not something you can get at that price even for asian cars. Drive is smooth and superb sound insulation. Boot is sufficient for a foldable bike and daily groceries. Outlook is charming and front looks abit like Toyota Harrier. Overall experience is good and made my decision to get one on the spot.
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2021 Crossland GS Line `
Test drove the 2021 Crossland GS Line in July 2021. The latest face-lift of this car makes it look very up to date in terms of design. Nice front face and nice rims. Every car comes with a red stripe over the windows on the sides too but whether one likes it or not is subjective. It also has very good features for the price. This includes a self-parking system that works pretty well provided the lot you're after is flanked by parked cars on both sides. In terms of the drive, it was up to expectations. The 1.2 turbo engine performed exactly as expected. The high torque made for a relatively effortless drive at low city speeds. However if you try to floor it when already cruising at a higher gear, the car is unlikely to downshift, resulting in slow acceleration in that context. Maybe it was programmed that way for fuel efficiency. The steering was also quite light and response to steering input wasn't the fastest, but it was at least directionally precise. Still, all this may not be a bad thing as it helps prevent aggressive driving behaviour - good for the roads, good for one's own mental wellness, and good for petrol saving. Ultimately, it won me over but I stopped short of purchasing due to family considerations. Finally, do note that this is a small SUV, and the Grandland is quite a step up in terms of refinement and space. For small SUV buyers who are probably a bit more budget conscious, this really should be on your list.
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Punchy 1.2 liter engine - great for city drive! `
I've had my doubts driving a 1.2 liter engine especially for a relatively heavier body crossover SUV. Even with 3 other adults in the car during the test drive, the drive outperformed my expectations. Overtaking is quite a breeze and the turbo engine is definitely punchy with no lag. The test drive version, as with the current version of the 2020 model comes with a 130 bhp horsepower. Comparable to my previous Continental sedans - a 1.4 liter petrol and 1.5 liter diesel respectively. Definitely works well for overtaking. No issues hitting beyond 100kmh on the expressway under 10s with other passengers on board. However, don't expect this to be a "Driver's car". Opel has positioned this car as a "Family car" So enthusiastic drivers night not be too keen on the drive. The exterior of the car may be a hit and miss for some. I personally feel it looks quite classy and slightly different from most other SUVs. As the pros outweigh the cons, I now own a one week old Crossland X 2020 Enjoy version.
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Opel Crossland X Innovation `
Owned the car for about 2 weeks and loving it! Nice perky car to drive in the city and expressways despite only having a 1.2T engine and 108 bhp. High seating position and seats are firm and comfortable and has sufficient leg space though the car looked small from the outside Lots of safety feature (Lane departure warning, front collision sensor etc). AC is strong and sound insulation is good compared to my previous car. For a conti car @ This price, you can't ask for more Comes with 5 yr unlimited mileage warranty and 5 yr free servicing (Test drive car is a 2020 Crossland with 130bhp)
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