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Eclipse Cross receives five star safety rating

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1.5T Style (A)
$128,999 spacer Down
$11,500 /yr 14.9km/L 161bhp 8-speed (A) INVECS III CVT
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1.5T Style Panoramic Roof (A)
$134,999 spacer Down
$12,000 /yr 14.9km/L 161bhp 8-speed (A) INVECS III CVT
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Price updated 11-May-2021

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross
4 stars - based on 13 reviews
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Car Review - Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 1.5 Turbo Sunroof (A)
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross may be a new kid on the block but its stylish coupe design, pleasant cabin and punchy powertrain make it a compelling contender.
Excellent Japan SUV
Been driving the car about a week. The car is superb with alot of function and also in safety aspect. With the turbo charge engine, the car feel like you are gliding when you press the accelerator, don't feel any sluggish. Been driving vezel for the pass 5 years and what i can say it is totally different feeling and comfort. No regret on it. Japanese car but Euro feeling in the cabin and ride. Got the Grey Titanium Black edition with no extra costs due to black friday sales. Looks more Sporty than ever with all the blacks grills,side mirror and black interior
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Owner for a year now... probably will be for the next 9 years! (EC with sunroof)
Had the Eclipse Cross for a year now, never stop falling in love with it. Drove to KL and back, tested it @ 160-180 range, it still glued on the road steadily. Fuel consumption 12km/l (Pretty constant)(40% City, 60% Expressway). For this size of vehicle, really cannot asked for more. CVT gearbox was indeed the well known Japanese technology. I never used the available paddle swift as i cannot swift it better than by its own. Initial moving off from stationery (0-20) may requires the engine work a little harder, after that range, it will pick up its speed at breeze. Fun to drive! Of course in comparison to sedan, it does sacrifice the capabilities to take corners, but i guess it be one of the best handling SUV you can find. Last but not the least, this is the last "Pure" Mitsubishi design before the alliance of Renault-Nissan Alliance. Model considered before committing to this: CHR, Vezel, ASX, XV, Forester, Civc.
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Handsome looking Coupe SUV
Collected ride and having driven for a week, realized this ride is comfortable, quiet and smooth engine delivery and transmission. Interior is very Euro-feel, leg room has been great, start/stop kick-in is not abrupt as compared to previous ride's.
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Good looking SUV
Finally, collected my very first SUV last week. Still getting use to and exploring the car features which is a lot of fun to do. I have been driving a sedan in the past and I must say that I am enjoying the ride of this EC very much. Its' high driving position let me see traffic far ahead and feel really comfortable. To me, personally, I feel it is a way better car in term of engine performance, features, audio system compare to my ex Citroen. Good responsive turbo engine, good cabin noise insulation and very good FC compare to my ex ride. I like the exterior design, a very good looking coupe SUV. Its' interior design also great and very modern as compare to other similar SUV. However, it will be great if C&C is bringing in EC equip with other features available in other countries. Overall, I am enjoying my ride in the EC and hope it will serve me well for the years to come.
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