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Six things about the BMW 2 Series GC that matter

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(launched 2018, facelifted Sep-2018)

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216i Sport (A)
$175,888 spacer spacer
- 16.6km/L 107bhp 7-speed (A) DCT
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216i Luxury (A)
$182,888 spacer spacer
$16,200 /yr 15.3km/L 107bhp 7-speed (A) DCT
Specs | Features 

Price updated 08-May-2021

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer
3.5 stars - based on 10 reviews
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Poor rumbly 3 cylinder engine
Wanted to get a MPV for my wife , shortlisted 216, c4, grand scenic, touran, sharan. Went to test drive this 216, engine had decent pull when being light-footed but when pressed hard on the accelerator, feels very sluggish. Admittedly, no one buys an mpv for racing. However, this 3 cylinder engine rattles like a diesel and vibrated through out the entire cabin to my dismay! Really wanted a Bmw 2Gt but the 216i just cannot make the cut due to its poor engine and the small third row, around the size of the x trail. Good quality interior and impressive features with the exception of a missing sunroof.
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It's a BMW!
Traded in my E60 525 for a GT on 5 Dec 2019. Proved to be a nice drive after driving for about a month. Some says that the engine is under powered, but switch on sports mode and the car comes alive. Eco mode doesn't feel too bad too. Just clocked 802.8 km for my last tank - mixed highway and city on comfort mode, compared to the E60 that drank like a cow this is very nice. Car interior size is huge and flexible with 5+2. Went IKEA shopping many times so far, and carried full load of 7 people several times. More spacious than the E60 in 2nd row, 3 adult kids had no complaints.
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Joy of Driving
Test drove the 2 series GT. Was surprised that the car has adequate torque from moving off. However towards the 80kmh speed onwards, the "Power" Soon fizzle out. Was contemplating of changing existing wish to this 2GT as they are both 7 seaters.
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Low performance motor
I believe the AD brought in this engine to keep the price competitive in line with the new VES changes. However, I just could not convince myself to accept the 107hp engine. The engine delivers good useful torque from idle and feels like a 2L engine. Very good for short spurts of acceleration lasting 1 or 2 seconds. But past 4000 rpms, the acceleration tapers off quickly as the power limited engine gives up torque for rpm. From this point it is all downhill. The torque even lower than a 1.5L bread butter sedan, but dragging a 1.5ton body. Shift up to the next gear and you lose even more acceleration. Better to accept to decreasing torque and shift up later. There is nothing you can do by now. If you're not done overtaking or accelerating by this point, it is better to give up. Even with the new dual clutch gearbox it still takes almost 12s to reach 100kph. If you are a gentle driver that drives at low revs all the time, looking for a "Branded" Car with some practicality, this is the ideal car for you. This is almost the lowest price you can get to own a BMW here, especially during promotions, so do look out for them.
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