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The Skoda Superb is as smooth as silk

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(launched 2018, facelifted Jun-2020)

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2.0 TSI Ambition (A)
$169,900 spacer spacer
$15,400 /yr 13km/L 188 bhp 7-speed (A) DSG
Specs | Features 
2.0 TSI Laurin & Klement (A)
$189,900 spacer spacer
$17,100 /yr 13km/L 188 bhp 7-speed (A) DSG
Specs | Features 

Price updated 06-Jan-2022

SKODA Superb
4 stars - based on 11 reviews
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First Drive - Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI Ambition (A)
The Skoda Superb is now offered with a more affordable 1.8-litre variant, but does it make the brand's flagship sedan less of a luxury?

The SKODA Superb was facelifted on Jun 2020.
Read our review of the facelifted version.

What We Dislike
17-inch wheels aren't the prettiest
Comparison - Opel Insignia Grandsport 1.5 Turbo vs Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI
Like a boss - without the price tag
For the price, it has a basic A6 set up. The L&K turn up the notches on pampering: high grade leather, ventilated seats, virtual cockpit, full safety suite, wireless connection, Canton system, ambient lighting and more. Even the door bins are felt. This feels like one of the most luxurious main-stream cars that I have come across. It looks like a boss too - hefty with the huge 19-in wheels and sharp lines. I like the sunroof with the translucent shade which makes it feel like a lamp during the day. The lift back set up gives me a boot that is bigger than my previous SUV. There is a full-size spare tyre. Sit in the rear to truly feel like a boss! Enjoy the leg room and set your preferred temperature for the rear aircon. The engine and gearbox works like a dream. There is so much low-end torque that I can climb the steepest flyovers at 7th gear effortlessly. At high speed cruising, it is so comfortable and relaxing with the engine rev so low that I need to keep my eye on the speedometer. Fuel consumption is fantastic for what it is- about 13km/l in mixed driving. Quietness is not the car forte, however. The 19 -in wheels and tyres produce noticeable road noise. The engine can be heard but it is in low rev most of the time. There is some wind nose near the front mirrors at speed. You can also hear the suspension when exiting the car. The wet DSG works very well in eco mode because it disengages the gear every time the foot is off the accelerator. It also glides for long distances under this mode. Under other modes, the engine brake can be felt at low gears which reminds you that DSG is essentially an automated manual gearbox. Gear 1 and 2 feels like one long extended gear which makes it feel slow to start off the line but beyond that, it is slick and buttery and knows what you want it to do. I will give it a 4-star if it were an E-class or Audi A6. For the price, I will give it a full 5-star. Take the listed price with a pinch of salt. Go down and inquire, and be pleasantly surprised.
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Good stuff
Simply Superb. Steady and Sturdy No regrets.
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Best value for money car
The Skoda Superb has one of the better designs compared to its competitors... It takes most of its styling from audi and the 2L engine has almost the same specifications as an Audi A6. Legroom is better than most executive sedans and it looks very fierce.
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Comfort, Spacious, Value for money well packaged
Was comparing between Golf, Octavia & Passat at first. In the end - top up just a little bit more for the next level semi-luxury sedan. While Golf/Octavia offers fun drive, Superb offers comfort and luxurious ride as the next level segment with more features. Having "Alot" More space in the back seat + boot definitely beats Golf and also Superb which offers relatively large space as well. During the test drive, I enjoyed the cushy ride while hesitant about slower acceleration and less sharp turns compare to its smaller siblings. Though in the end, my decision was made to upgrade from my usual small/compact segment to mid/large family sedan/hatch. In comparison to Passat, Passat has slightly harder suspension (which I liked) though needed to top-up another $10k for almost the same car without reverse camera & electric trunk and much less spacious cousin.
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